Raising a Puppy: 6 Great Tips for Nurturing Well-Behaved Dogs

Are you a new fur mom or fur dad of a puppy? See the little furball becomes a great, well-behaved dog with these tips for raising a puppy. Are you getting a new puppy and need all the tips on raising it as a healthy, well-behaved dog?

Most puppies are rambunctious little creatures that are fun to play with, but they’re also hyperactive and will do anything to get your attention. This is why establishing boundaries is the first step to proper puppy training. If you don’t teach them when their behavior is acceptable and when they’re crossing a line, they’ll grow up to be stubborn and disobedient.

Check out these 6 simple tips for raising a puppy and give your new family member a happy, healthy start in your home.

Establish Firm Boundaries

The secret to well-behaved dogs is well-behaved humans. If your puppy learns that its behavior has no repercussions, you’ll end up with a very misbehaved grown dog. Establishing firm rules doesn’t require hitting, yelling, or punishing. Position yourself as the pack leader and teach your puppy what is acceptable before you lose all control.

Crate-Train Your Puppy

Crate-training is one of the best raising puppy tips, especially if you’re outside the home all day. Though some see crates as confinement, if you learn how to crate train properly, the pup will get used to it. The key is to teach the puppy that the crate is a safe space where they can rest and relax. You should never use the crate as a form of punishment or to control behavioral problems. Crates are the best choice if there’s no one to supervise the dog while you’re away or for traveling purposes.

Socialize With Your Puppy

Puppies need constant attention, cuddling, and play time. Socialization is a crucial element of any guide to raising a puppy because your dog needs to learn to be around other people and other dogs. Unsocialized dogs are easily scared of unfamiliar situations and people, so expose your pup to as many new experiences as possible. Socialize it with other dogs early on so you can go on walks and dog parks without fear and stress.

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Train Your Puppy

You can train your pup some basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘turn’, or ‘come’, but real dog training works on their behavior. Most dogs react with their emotions and if they get overly excited, nothing can calm them down. If you can, hire a professional dog trainer to teach your puppy obedience, earning praise, and walking beside you, not ahead of you. Write down the best dog training tips so you can refer to them anytime.

Exercise Your Pup Regularly

Regular physical activity is a must for your puppy to stay healthy, but also to burn off extra energy and sleep better. Puppies love to play, explore, and chase after things, but they also get tired easily, so don’t overdo exercise with them while they’re little. As they grow, you can introduce more physical activity and walks outside. Puppies will be perfectly happy with a run in the backyard or a good active play session with you.

Take Your Puppy For Regular Vet Checkups

One of the basics of dog rearing is finding a vet you’re happy and confident with. Ideally, you should research vets before you get a puppy. Schedule regular checkups and consultations for your little furball to make sure it’s healthy and progressing well. Your vet will give you tips on your dog breed and help you understand how to best take care of your pup and when you should neuter/spay it.

Raising A Puppy Is Easy With These Tips!

Raising a puppy is fun and fulfilling, but it’s also challenging if you don’t have the right tools and training at hand. These tips will help you raise a confident, relaxed dog that knows its limits, and you’ll be a happy, calm dog owner.

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