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Raising a Show Pig: A Comprehensive Guide

Raising a pig for a show requires proper care, attention, and dedication. It’s one thing to have a pet pig at home, but it’s a whole different level of responsibility when the pig is going to be shown in competitions. Just like humans, pigs have unique needs and require specific types of care to ensure their optimal health and well-being. This blog post will discuss the key steps to raising a show pig, including feeding, grooming, and training.


Feeding a show pig requires careful consideration. You need to choose a balanced diet that meets the pig’s nutritional needs to make sure it grows healthy and fit. The diet should consist of 16-18% protein and have a moderate fat content. You can opt for commercial pig feed that is readily available in animal feed stores. The feed should be given regularly and not overfed to prevent obesity, which can cause health problems. However, there are also specialized brands just for show animals! Show animal feed is your best choice when it comes to getting the perfect diet.


Grooming your show pig is an essential part of preparing it for the show ring. You should keep the pig’s coat clean and trimmed regularly to prevent it from getting dirty and matted. A clean coat enhances the pig’s appearance and makes it look healthier. Use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of dirt and dust. You can also use specialized pig shampoo and conditioner to keep the pig’s coat soft and shiny. Trim the pig’s hooves regularly and clean its ears to avoid infection.


Training is an essential part of raising and showing a pig. Start by halter training your pig, which involves teaching your pig to walk on a lead. This is an essential skill for showing as the pig needs to walk smoothly and confidently around the show ring. Train your pig to follow verbal and non-verbal cues, like hand signals or voice commands. Practice these skills daily and reward the pig for good behavior. Be patient and consistent, and you’ll have a well-trained pig for the show.


Exercise is critical for your show pig’s overall health and fitness. Pigs are naturally active animals, and therefore, need ample space to move around. Allow your pig to have adequate playtime outside of the barn. A consistent exercise regime can help build muscle and improve the pig’s stamina, making it easier for them to move around the show ring for an extended period. This is essential for those important events!

Raising a show pig requires patience, effort, and some essential knowledge. Feeding, grooming, training, and exercise are the essential steps to raise a healthy and successful show pig. By following these simple tips, you can ensure your pig is ready for the show ring and confident enough to compete. Remember to seek advice from specialists or farmers who’ve had pigs in the past to get more valuable insights. Enjoy this process, and good luck raising your show pig!

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