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Questions You Need To Ask When Choosing The Right Electricity Provider

When choosing a new electricity supplier, you need to make several considerations, including reliability, cost, and customer service. With the myriad of retail suppliers out there, choosing the right provider can be an uphill task. However, with proper research and referral from friends or family, you can pick a supplier who will meet your energy needs at a reasonable cost.

The following questions can help you get critical facts that will help you make a good decision:

1. How will I tell how much energy I consume in real-time?

Many electricity providers are vague about how much they charge each month and how much they bill per kilowatt hour (kWh)). Choose a provider who can clearly define how they bill your consumption to avoid surprises with your energy bills. Additionally, your provider should install an energy meter at your premises that you can easily read and monitor your consumption in real-time. You should be aware that your energy consumption may change due to weather or season changes. If you’re a Pennsylvania resident, chances are you have the benefit of Energy Choice, which enables you to compare Pennsylvania electricity rates, switch providers, and start saving!

2. Why is my bill higher than the advertised rate?

Electricity providers offer different tariffs for different consumption patterns. Typically, they reward a particular band of usage. For instance, if your monthly consumption falls within a particular range, you may enjoy a very lucrative rate. However, if in the consecutive months your consumption falls below that range or rises beyond, the rate may quickly skyrocket. Again, most electricity suppliers slap their clients with an early termination fee if they choose to enter into a new contract before the initial contract expires.

3. Are there some extra fees I will be subjected to?

Always read the fine prints of your electricity plan before you sign on the dotted lines. There are numerous hidden fees that you could be subjected to for things you were not aware of in the first place. These may include mailing out disconnection notices, customer service calls, and early termination fees.

Other fees include:

These fees may seem little, but can quickly build up and significantly increase your energy bills. If you’re living in Pennsylvania and its environs, PA electric suppliers can help you compare the best electricity providers and the corresponding energy prices to help you make an informed choice. With over 6,000 customer reviews, you can be sure to choose a reliable provider with the best rates.

4. Do you supply green energy?

Many electricity providers claim to supply 100 percent green energy, but that’s not always true. In most cases, they only provide the state-required 12.1 percent green energy. Some will purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) from solar, wind, or other renewable energy producers. This helps to compensate for energy produced from gas, coal, and oil. Be sure to ask your provider where they get their green energy from and at what percentage.

Shopping for an electricity provider can be a tasking experience, especially in states with strict regulations on the energy sector. Some plans out there are downright duds with numerous hidden fees and false claims of green energy that isn’t really green. Do your research well by asking these questions to be sure that you’re not being swindled by energy providers.

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