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Problems You’ll Experience If You Neglect Proper Home Maintenance

Regular home maintenance adds value to your home. It also ensures safety and minimizes risks and problems arising from dysfunctional spaces and utilities. Regular home maintenance will also aid in averting costly repairs as a result of ignoring minor problems. Having a maintenance checklist is one of the ways to ensure all areas are covered. A regular maintenance schedule will, therefore, save you money in the long run.

Many homeowners neglect proper home maintenance in the name of saving time, effort and money. This is a dangerous decision that will lead to a major disaster. Delayed repairs on your home will lead to irreparable damages which will be expensive to replace. This article highlights several problems you will experience if you neglect proper home maintenance.

1. Algae on shingles

Cleaning your roof on a regular basis prolongs its lifetime. When this is neglected, algae will eat away your roof shingles. Algae forms black streaks on shingles which are very unattractive. In the long run, this will damage your roof shingles. It will also lead to water leaks that will damage your trusses and the ceiling. According to roofing contractors Boise, such structural damage could undermine the integrity of your roof causing it to collapse. Replacing your roof shingles is expensive and uncalled for. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, professional cleaners will also be needed to clear out these algae.


Wet and clogged gutters, exposed insulation, wet kitchens, and bathrooms encourage mold development. Ignored gutter maintenance will also spread moisture to roof insulation. Likewise, unrepaired water leaks in the kitchen and bathroom will encourage mold growth. Mold is extremely expensive to remove once it has set in. Delayed checks to ensure that no insulation is exposed to elements and pipe leaks will eventually lead to mold in your home.

3.Pests and rodents

Unsealed cracks and crevices on the foundation and roof of your home will be entry points for pest and rodents. These will wreak havoc in your home. They may also promote several diseases thus threatening your health. Some animals will also eat up and damage your roofing system. This will lead to a leaky roof and expensive repairs. Rodents such as mice and rats make their nests in your equipment, they will eat up the wires and end up damaging them. Nests will also cause overheating and clogged vents. Damaged equipment will eventually be inevitable.

4.Poor air quality

Good air quality is guaranteed by regular maintenance of your HVAC system. Ignoring HVAC inspection will, therefore, lead to poor air quality. Delayed changing of filters on your unit will also shorten its life. This is as a result of dirt, dust, and debris accumulating in it. Breathing polluted air will lead to health complications. This is especially catastrophic if you are allergic to dust or pollen. Neglecting HVAC maintenance could also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. This puts your health and that of your family members in great danger.

5.Fire risk

Worn out gadgets and appliances may cause electric fires. Small glitches due to ignored maintenance could cost your home. Loose or frayed wires pose a fire risk as well. Worn out extension cords not replaced in time have led to uncountable damages. Ignoring electric repairs in the name of costly electrician services is, therefore, an easy way to lose your home.

The problems explained above will result from ignored home maintenance. Skipping these maintenance activities could, therefore, result in disasters. To protect your home and avoid nasty surprises, it is recommended that a regular home maintenance schedule is implemented. This will keep your family safe and avoid expensive repairs in the long run.

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