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Prioritizing Safe Skincare Is Vital During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, even small, everyday decisions can have a big impact on your baby. This is the case with aspects such as diet and skincare. One study by University of California – Berkeley researchers, for instance, found that girls exposed to chemicals typically found in everyday items like toothpaste, makeup, soap, and other everyday items experienced puberty at a younger age. This is worrisome, considering that earlier puberty is linked to an increased risk of specific illnesses and conditions, including breast and ovarian cancer. While it is important to continue caring for your skin during pregnancy, keeping an eye on your choice of products is also key.

What Toxins Should You Be Wary Of?

In the above study, two toxins, in particular, were linked to earlier puberty—diethyl phthalate and triclosan. The first of these is used to stabilize beauty and skincare items. Triclosan, meanwhile, is an antimicrobial agent. It was banned by the FDA in 2017 owing to its inefficiency, but it is still present in some toothpaste products. Additional ingredients that can be harmful to human health include parabens (preservatives that can harm the body’s hormonal mechanisms), polyethylene glycol (which can be contaminated with carcinogenic compounds), and formaldehyde (which is also a known carcinogen). For a full list of toxins see the EWG’s Skin Deep database, which provides information regarding all the ingredients contained in popular commercial products. You should also ask your health provider for approval for the products you use.

Safe Treatments

Pregnancy is a great time to exercise self-kindness and benefit from the power of sacred massage and skincare treatments. Because of the surge of hormones that occurs during pregnancy, you may find that your skin is more prone to breakouts, melasma, and spider veins. Having a safe facial while you’re expecting or enjoying a full face and body massage can balance your skin out and target issues like tight skin. It can also help you battle stress and anxiety. You can actually receive a host of treatments, including deep cleanses, facial steams, extractions, pregnancy-approved natural peels, LED therapy, and more. The only proviso is to ask your spa beforehand for an ingredients list so you can run this by your health provider to play on the safe side.

Safe Everyday Products

It is worth your while to check each product you use so you can discover its particular ingredients list. However, as a general rule, you can keep using many of your favorite ingredients. These include glycolic acid exfoliants, salicylic acid to battle oily skin; physical block sunscreens made with titanium oxide or zinc oxide; azelaic acid (to battle melasma or brown skin spots during pregnancy); and more. Ingredients to avoid include retinol and retinoids. Anti-aging products made with Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and niacinamide are generally considered safe though once again, checking with your doctor first is always a good idea.

The products you apply to your skin can affect the future health of your baby. Therefore, make it a point to conduct research into the products you are using. You can use online databases, but consulting your health provider is an important way to rest assured the choices you make are safe for your baby.

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