Prime Reasons For Installing Double Glazed Doors At Residential Buildings

The doors and windows of modern buildings are usually made of glass panes. Now, double glass sheets are used by many builders for their doors and windows. This application of double layers of glass is termed as double glazed, where the intermediate space between these two layers is filled with inert gas or a vacuum may be created there. These double glazed doors are now also preferred by many house owners, who want to avail all the benefits provided by these superior quality doors. In some houses, doors and windows are also made of triple glass layers, to magnify these benefits.

Major Advantages Rendered by the Use of Double Glass Doors

  • Insulate the Indoors: The double layers of glass prevent the entry of atmospheric heat or coolness during the extreme summer or winter temperatures. These double glazed doors insulate the rooms from sun’s heat during the daytime and chilling cold air during winter nights. Therefore, the indoors retain a comfortable temperature all through the year, as all entrances are insulated.
  • Save Energy Consumption: As the rooms remain comfortably warm during winters and cooler during summers, residents do not need to switch on room heaters or air conditioners for getting required warmth or coolness. Thus, a lot of electrical energy can be saved by installing these double glazed products on all entrances to rooms, leading to the reduction in electric bills.

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  • Prevent Entry of Loud Noises: The double layers of glass also insulate the home against various disturbing noises of the outer world. Thus, the double glazed doors maintain a peaceful and silent ambiance inside the rooms; even if the house is located near a busy marketplace or airport.  Moreover, people from outside cannot overhear the private conversations of residents, as all sounds are blocked from passing through these doors.
  • Ensure Better Security: Due to the presence of double glass panes, it is almost impossible for burglars or unwanted intruders from breaking into the house. Moreover, some builders provide thicker or laminated glass panes for providing extra security to the house owners. These doors cannot be broken even by hitting with hard balls while children are playing nearby.

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  • Render Better Look: The doors with double glass panes look much shinier and make the house look more elegant and stylish. Moreover, the symmetrical feature of double glazed doors matches perfectly well with the other architectural components of the house.
  • Prevent Action of UV rays: The double layers of glass stop the entry of the harmful UV rays of sunlight into the rooms, which can fade away the colours of upholsteries. This double glazing also saves the health of residents from the harmful effects of UV radiation.
  • Negligible Condensation on Glass: When moist air touches the cool surfaces of glass panes of doors and windows, water condenses over glass surfaces. This water may lead to the formation of moulds and mildew on door frames, as well as may rot the wooden frames. However, double glazed doors prevent this condensation of water droplets on the inner glass panes, due to the insulating feature of these doors.

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  • Boosts the Property Values: The installation of these double glazing doors and windows result in the increase in the resale value of the house. All potential buyers are found to be easily impressed to see properties with this type of modern doors and they even get ready to pay higher prices for such properties.
  • Simplify Maintenance Work: The homemakers prefer the double glazed doors, as these structures can be cleaned just by wiping off the accumulated dust and dirt. No cleaning agent or equipment is needed for this purpose and it takes very little time to clean these doors.

However, it is better to contact well-reputed contractors to install double glazing doors to avail all these benefits properly.

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