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Primary Causes of Roof Damage

Primary Causes of Roof DamageAustralia is a first world country that is an incredible place to live in. The safety standards to maintain a good quality of life amongst Australians are unlike any other in the world. Despite all of the good initiatives set forth by our predecessors and our current government, we still seem to have people living in sub standard conditions. There is the saying that everyone should have a healthy roof over their heads, however many Australians don’t even manage to have that. This is partially due to the environmental elements that the Australian weather offers. The other is the costings and affordability for the average Australian when it comes to roof maintenance and repair. Australians need to commit to resolving the problem, but must first acknowledge the primary causes of roof damage and be prepared to take action before it is too late.

What are the main causes for concern when it comes to roof damage?

Damage to roofs can occur in the following ways. This includes:

Damages from poor workmanship

If the roof hasn’t been installed properly from the outset, it can lead to serious problems over the long term. It will reduce the life expectancy for the roof unless specific preparations are taken prior to the installation. For example, problems with adhesion can occur if the area isn’t cleaned, dried and primed properly for installation.

Roofing leaks and moisture.

If you have roof leaks, then you have a problem. Leaky roofs can occur from flashing details that haven’t been fastened properly during the installation. Also, when proper moisture systems aren’t installed properly, it can lead to moisture damage within the roof and further leaking problems.

Improper repairs.

The lack of details when it comes to roofing repairs is also an issue. Should the repairs involve materials that aren’t suited to specific roof types, it could lead to permanent damage on the roof. Some people think they are resolving the issue when in fact they are actually making the problem much worse.

How can Australians take preventative action?

Australians that are facing roofing issues do have options to prevent and maintain their roofs. Roof repairers are encouraging homeowners and landlords to review their roofs at least once a year and to resolve any potential problems that may arise and lead to any further damage or additional repair costs. Should there be issues in progress; the main option available is to hire a roof repairer for an initial inspection and quote on repairs.

Are there any health risks that Australians should consider?

The biggest concern that the Australian Department of Health has in relation to householders is their potential exposure to asbestos. There may be asbestos fibres within the roof or ceiling of the home and the unsafe management of asbestos materials could lead to serious long-term health risks. Should the householders become exposed to asbestos fibres as a result of roofing cracks or damage, it is advised to get roof repairs as soon as possible. There have been several cases reported in Melbourne and roof repairers in Melbourne have been attentive to resolving any roofing damage that could lead to further health risks.

Australians do face risks with roof damage and the financial and health implications as a result of it. It is advised that Australians take preventative action with their roofs rather than wait until it is too late and face their worst fear of high repair bills. Be sure to look out for any unusual signs around the home such as water or moisture markings on ceilings or water that is coming through the roof. And any issues that are found need to be resolved quickly!

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