Prevent Yourself from Stress: 5 Electronic Devices that Keep you from Facing an Edgy Morning

As we all are caught up in this very fast-paced and stressful lifestyle, the way we start our day is more crucial than we think. The more relaxed we feel in the morning, the more energy we will have to face all of our activities during the day. Not to mention that most of us storm out of bed because we don’t have enough time for everything that’s in our schedule which also harms our wellbeing.

Today, technology is one of the main factors that have a tremendous impact on how we live our lives. We’re constantly available and online, everyone can reach us so we barely have time for ourselves. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are plenty of technological solutions on the market that actually help us from facing an edgy morning. To ensure your mornings are as enjoyable as possible, we bring you five electronic devices that will help you prevent stress that early in the morning.

Smart Sleep System

We already know that our alarms are not in line with our body’s natural rhythm. Do you know that feeling when your alarm wakes you up from a deep sleep and you would do anything for a few extra minutes? Well, there is a way to finally get what you’ve been wanting for years. With a smart sleep system, your sleep will be monitored throughout the night and you’ll be woken at the optimal time.

Obviously, you will set a window of time for getting up as you don’t want to be late 3,4 hours for work, but the smart sleep system will choose the best time during that window. As it’s based on your sleep cycle, you will feel less sleepy and exhausted. There is already a wide variety of smart sleep systems so you will not have a problem finding the one that fits your needs and your budget.

Smart Thermostats

Nest Learning Thermostat, the first smart thermostat was introduced to the market in 2011 by Apple alumni, Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers. Ever since then, companies have been working on the same or similar products to provide the users with a smart solution when it comes to heating and cooling systems. With smart thermostats, you can forget about the icy world outside your warm bed when temperatures get really cold.

Also, during the hot, summer days, you can cool off your home before you come from work. The entire system is being controlled from your smartphone and you can literally do it from any location. Not to mention that some of these smart thermostats are learning from you to be able to deliver the experience you want without you controlling it via the phone.

Smart Speakers

Would you rather walk to your work or to the store in the morning but don’t want to miss the news you usually hear on the radio when you’re in traffic? Well, you can have both if you have a smart speaker at home. This way, you will not have to waste your time flipping through the newspaper, scrolling through your phone or listening to the radio to be updated with everything that’s going around.

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You can listen to the news or even music whenever you want as it won’t affect your other activities at all. After all, every single minute is crucial in the morning, right? You will notice there are a lot of different types of smart speakers, from the basic types to the ones that also have an in-built alarm clock.

Robot Vacuums

Getting up early in the morning can only be worse if you know you have to clean your apartment as soon as you wake up. With all the other activities, you barely find time to clean your home and when you know you can’t postpone it any more, you lose all of your motivation to get out of your bed. Luckily, technology saves your day! There are so many robot and smart vacuum cleaners on the market that you can even purchase them for a more affordable price than ordinary vacuums.

The time you would usually spend on vacuuming your entire home could be used for making breakfast, showering, answering your emails, etc. More importantly, if you don’t have to do your chores in the morning, you’re off to a much better day for sure!

Smart Sleep Pillows

If you want to be well-rested in the morning, you will need to be able to fall asleep easier. All that tossing and turning after midnight will definitely have an impact on how you feel tomorrow. The time you spend lying in bed feeling stressed about the day you’ve just had could be significantly reduced if you had a smart sleep pillow. They are specially designed to help you improve your sleep quality with a gel memory foam layer that ensures all the comfort you need.

With advanced technology like this one, you can later analyse your sleep and see during which period you sleep the best or how many hours you need to feel truly rested. Moreover, some of these solutions have even implemented different scents that make you feel more relaxed and wipe off that stress you’ve accumulated in your body.

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