Pretty Flowers That Make Wonderful Tea

Are you a fan of tea? Most people are addicted to tea, whether at home or work. Well, are you tired of caffeine? You can still take tea free of caffeine. There is the alternative of making tea from flowers. There are various types of pretty flowers that make good tea. This kind of tea carries an advantage over normal caffeine related tea. Remember, the tea comes from flowers that are pretty and they also have various other advantages. There are a lot of benefits that flower tea brings in terms of physical health. We have various flowers that can make wonderful tea as elaborated below.

Calendula daisy flower

This flower is very beautiful and attractive. It has yellow, bright colored petals that look attractive from a distance. It can easily be grown in the garden and easily available. It is cheaper to purchase than many other flowers. The petals can be used to make a wonderful tea. The petals are dried up completely to remove moisture. They can be squeezed upon drying and used to make tea in portions of spoons. It is mostly used in hot water. Other than making your compound attractive, Calendula flower has various health benefits. It can be used to treat various complications like fever and treating wounds.

Mint flower

The flower has attractive deep green leaves that are densely populated around the plant. It can cover the garden with a nice even display. This flower can be grown in the garden. It can grow on its own and flourish as long as the soil is moist. It needs access to enough sun too. The mint leaves can make a wonderful tea. The leaves can be dried up and crumbled into powder or pieces. This can be used with a cup of hot water in portions of a tablespoonful. The ability of mint flowers to occupy and grow endlessly brings out the beauty of flowers. Mint flower tea has a lot of health benefits too. It can help a lot with the digestive system. Sometimes, it is used to reduce pain in the stomach and boost the appetite.

Chamomile flower

This is a very delightful herb, plant, and flower that brings out an amazing smell. It is mostly referred to as Babuna, scented mayweed or pinhead, but all of them bring you back to the same plant. It was used since time memorial in countries like Egypt and Greece as an herb to treat inflammation, muscle spasms, menstrual disorders, and insomnia. The scented flower is mostly used to make oil while the flowers are used to make a wonderful tea that you enjoy every day. Anybody who has learned the vast benefits of chamomile tea should now understand and grow chamomile for both beauty and its herbal properties. The presentable flower is fit for the garden coupled with the wonderful tea out of it. It is a tall growing flower that requires quality light and temperature. The soil does not matter most. This flower spreads widely and can easily cover a smaller garden very fast if left on its own. To make tea, add the flowers in hot water. Allow it to soak for a few minutes, then separate the water from the flowers and your wonderful tea is ready for drinking. Take a hot cup of chamomile tea and relax.

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Lavender flower

This is another beautiful flower that can grow in the sun. As long as one has a suitable well-drained soil, lavender is the flower to grow. It is composed of a sweet taste and brings out a fragrance that tastes sweet. The lavender flower produces buds that can easily be used to make a delicious tea. You can easily place the buds into a hot cup of water and leave it to drain the buds through steam. This can take a few minutes like five then your tea will be ready. The lavender tea has various medicinal effects like relaxation properties, digestive complications and relieving of headaches.

Lemon verbena

This is a flower that is considered a shrub. It is also known as the lemon bee brush and has a very high scent of the lemon. This plant can be used as a herb in tea. This can be made from the leaves. The leaves are dried up and soaked into a hot cup of water to make an amazing cup of tea. You can also grow this plant at home for beauty. The amazing flowers and leaves the aesthetic value of your garden outstanding. This flower has amazing herbal properties consumes in the tea. The ability to help in muscles, inflammation, immunity, digestion, fever and many more others give it an upper hand over other general flowers.

The love of taking tea just turned natural. The feeling of using nature to satisfy both beauty and tea thirst is amazing. Naturally, flowers are beautiful and bring out the natural scent in the environment. The idea of tea couples up to the importance of growing and conserving these plants and flowers. The double benefit idea of beauty and medicine is one that anybody will be attracted to. How about we quench our thirst for tea without caffeine, beautify our environment with pretty flowers and achieve medicinal values from these natural flowers?

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