Planting 101 For Those Who Don’t Have The Time

Growing plants is one of the healthiest hobbies one could have. Gardening and taking care of plants is proven to have a lot of benefits, not just on people, but also the environment. The one issue that a lot of people may face when it comes to planting is not having enough time. If you’re busy with a full-time job or taking care of a family or maybe even both, then you may find it tricky to take care of your garden. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Here are some tips to help you do your planting efficiently, fitting it in your busy schedule.

Plant Low Maintenance Plants

When it comes to choosing plants that will go into your garden, there are a number of variables to consider. The most important one is that if you are busy, then you should get plants that do not require intensive care so that you can easily look after them during your busy routine. You would want to choose ornamental grass types of plants that do not need that much upkeep. You will essentially just plant it in your garden, trim it every now and then (and of course water it regularly on dry seasons), and you’ll be set! Growing perennials is also a great low-maintenance option that yields a rewarding crop as a plus. Plants such as kale and rhubarb only need minimal care and are pretty useful for any healthy household.

Let Your Plants Self-Seed

The process of seeding to grow plants itself takes a lot of hard work and can be quite time-consuming. A quick solution to this is to plant more plants that spread around the soil using self-seeding methods. Plants like parsley are a great example of that sort of method. You’d need to shake your crops well when taking them off the ground at harvesting time and let the earth work its magic with the seedlings. Beetroot and kale also work in the same way and can be extremely useful for your kitchen.

Consider Outsourcing Care

Sometimes, your busy life can get so hectic that even simple care for your plants can become too much, in which case you may want to consider outsourcing your gardening care to professionals who can help out. The experienced gardeners at Neave Group know their way around any lawn and can help you take care of your garden and bring those plants back to life. The professional gardeners can recommend using lawn seeding methods to revive your garden. Using slice seeding techniques can provide fast and thorough grass growth which will make your garden look more alive than ever. Investing in some professional care may just be the thing that you and your garden both need. They can recommend which kind of lawn seeding method would benefit your garden the most after thoroughly checking your soil and analyzing whether slice seeding, or simple aeration techniques would fit.

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Consider Easy Watering

This is perhaps one of the most time-consuming steps in everyday gardening: watering your plants. And this is where easy watering comes in handy. You can easily get lost in running around your garden, trying to remember which plants to water at what time and at what ratio of water. Installing an easy watering system with tiny holes in a hose, which goes around your plants, will definitely make your life much simpler. Place the holes of the hose where you need them to be and just open up the tap of water for a set period of time while going on your normal daily routine. You can then come back later to turn off the tap after your plants have been sufficiently watered. Totally hassle-free!

Use the Right Gear

It probably goes without saying that using the right equipment will most certainly make your life much simpler and save you a whole lot of time when it comes to planting. You would need to invest some money in a good gardening kit with a decent quality so that it can also last you a long enough period of time without having to change it.

Gardening gloves and shovels in different sizes will make it easier for you to handle your plants. A quality planting kit does not always mean an expensive one. You will just need to do some research and compare the market for the best option to fit with your gardening needs. Many supermarkets frequently have good offers on planting equipment, so make sure you keep an eye out and seize any opportunities.

Planting does not have to be a heavy chore. It should be something that you enjoy doing and maybe even help you relax. Taking care of plants nowadays can be really simple with limited effort. You would just need to invest in the right kit and do some research. If you take good care of your garden, it will, in turn, take care of you by giving you fresh air and great views every day.

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