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Pet Industry Market Growth and Trends

The pet industry has always been one of the biggest gold mines around with no signs of slowing down with the advent to technology. In the US, there were about 400 million pets in 2017 to 2018. Needless to say, this is a huge market where you can stand to profit significantly from.

If you’re interested in getting into it, here are some key pet industry market growth and trends you should know about.

Healthy Pet Foods

Many people are picking up fad diets or eating cleaner by going vegetarian or vegan. At the very least, they’re being more conscious about where their food comes from. When it comes to their pets, it’s no exception: they also want the very best for Fido. Instead of spending a few bucks on the cheapest dry dog food, they’re spending more on fresh and frozen meals for their pets.

Treats Are Still Popular

Despite upgrading their purchases on pet food, pet owners are still guilty of feeding their furry friends treats. In fact, they feed them 8 to 10 treats per day! Obviously, pet treats are still trending, so if you open your own pet supplies shop, this is definitely a must-have.

Pet Owners Are Utilizing Technology

Long gone are the days where pet owners would fill up the food bowl, pat their dogs on the head, leave for work, then not think about their pets until they get home. Today, many pet owners utilize technology like MyDogisaRobot. Advanced tech allows pet lovers to watch their pets at home through crystal clear cameras. They also use things like smart feeders to ensure their pets don’t get fed too much or too little while they’re gone.

More Pet Services Are Becoming Available

Previously, food, treats, toys, and grooming were the basics of owning a pet. But today, more and more services are becoming available to pamper these critters. Consumers like to spend their disposable income on spoiling their pets, such as a day at the pet spa or a trip to an upscale pet hotel while they’re out of town. Other popular services include portrait photography and yoga for pets. We’re also understanding more about animal behaviors, so there’s been an increase in behavioral consulting and training.

Mobile Pet Grooming

With busy schedules, many consumers are hard-pressed to find time to drop off their pets at the groomer’s, then pick them up in a few hours. To cater to the always “on-the-go” customer, mobile pet grooming’s become very popular. Not only do pet owners save time, but it also reduces stress on their pets. Their furry friends get groomed in a familiar environment and the pet owners don’t have to clear a block of their schedule to make time for the groomer.

Follow These Trends in the Pet Industry

By keeping these pet industry growth and trends in mind, you’ll have an easier time appealing to pet owners. Being in touch with consumer needs not only helps you connect with them better, but also reduce waste in your overhead.

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