Perforated Security Doors: A Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Security is a big issue in today’s world. Whether it’s your home or your office, commercial space or shop, the need for security is always paramount. This is more so because thieves and burglars have become more cunning and sophisticated than ever before. In certain cases, it can take years for someone to recover from losses caused by a heist even if they are insured. The perforated security doors guarantee real safety and security and the precision manufacturing gives it an unmatched quality. Due to the increasing demand of security, these doors have become quite popular these days.

In contrast to the more traditional types of security doors which generally try to incorporate either security or functionality, the perforated security door offers a perfect balance of both. Thus they provide the best solution. They do not have an unflattering bunch of bars and grills to offer support to the door. Instead, it offers a seamless sheet of stainless steel that is wielded at the all the corners. So what you get is a highly secure door which has an excellent functionality as well. So, this is a much better alternative to the traditional security doors. These doors offer superior quality, reliability and flexibility. 

Types of Perforated Security Doors

Here are some types of perforated security doors:

Hinged Doors: These are available in the typical security door designs. They offer the same minimalistic look and yet are very reliable and safe. One important thing to keep in mind about these doors is that hinged doors should not be installed directly at the door jamb. They tend to expand based on temperature conditions and the locks will jam and stick. Use a sub-frame to avoid these problems. They are usually available in double hinged, triple hinged and heavy duty types.


Another thing to keep in mind is that if possible, use screwed hinges instead of wielded ones. This is because if the door needs to be replaced, the wielded hinge will have to be cut and then the door powdered once again to keep it rust-proof. A better alternative would be to use the screwed hinged ones as they can be easily replaced if required. A way to make the screws tamper-proof would be to use vault screws instead of the regular ones. 

Sliding Doors: Patio doors are ideal for the installation of sliding doors. These not only offer great visibility but give much better security compared to regular glass versions. Many offer triple locking as well as interlocking mechanisms which means it cannot be opened from the other side. This is an important security measure for your door.

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Double Doors: Double security doors offer a great look to your house along with enhanced security measures. Usually one of the doors remains fixed while the other can be locked on to this door. However, if required they can both be opened and locked together. They are ideal for wide space installation.


Custom-built options

Sometimes the standard-sized perforated security doors just do not seem to satisfy some of us. For them, custom-built doors offer an ideal solution. Be careful while selecting the dealer to make sure that you get the best quality materials for your doors.

Installation problems

One of the best possible ways to avoid problems is to use the services of a professional installer. Though it might be a little expensive in some cases, the benefits far outweigh the slightly increased financial factor. This is because installing perforated security doors needs proper prior experience which may not be available to most of us.

Perforated security doors are becoming very popular nowadays as more people are beginning to realize and understand their unmatched benefits.

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