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Why Patio Builders Like To Use Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting

These days, polycarbonate roof sheeting is one of the most popular materials utilized by patio builders and roofers like Colorado Roof Toppers around the country. Because it is still a relatively new technology, many homeowners are hesitant to proceed with its installation until they know a little bit more about it. Unfortunately, much of the information out there is complex and uses industry jargon. The good new is that there are actually a number of reasons why you should consider polycarbonate, including:

Variety of Options

Patio builders  are afforded a large range of choices when utilising this material. It is suitable for use in all roof types, such as straight, gabled and curved. Polycarbonate can also be used for a number of applications, from patios and gazebos to pool covers and verandahs.


Another great thing about this sheeting is that it is relatively lightweight, making it much easier to work with. It can be installed effortlessly by two or even a single contractor, unlike other common building materials that are much heavier and require more manpower.

Damage Resistant

Because polycarbonate is very similar to plastic, it almost goes without saying that it is very resistant to damage. Even a heavy branch falling onto the roof will cause very little issue, unlike a glass ceiling (which is known to shatter with very little encouragement).


One of the best things about polycarbonate roof sheeting is that it is extremely flexible. This means that it can be easily moulded into shape when required, as well as ensuring that it will retain this shape for many years to come (and won’t suddenly pop back to flat).

Sound Barrier

Polycarbonate is a perfect material if you have sound problems on your property (which are common if you live on a busy street or have noisy neighbours). The sheeting will effectively prevent most sound from penetrating your space, as well as from leaving it.

UV Barrier

If you are concerned about the effect of ultraviolet rays on your family, you will be pleased to learn that polycarbonate can block them from entering the space entirely. You will be able to enjoy plenty of natural sunlight without the health risks that come with it.

Weather Resistant

Finally, patio builders often recommend this sheeting because it is very resistant to weathering. It will not rot like timber will, it will not corrode like metal will, and it will not discolour like plastic will. This makes it the perfect choice for all Australian climates.

If you are in the process of contacting patio builders for quotes on your project, make sure you ask whether they work with polycarbonate roof sheeting or not; as you can tell from the list above, this is quite an exceptional material. Whilst it may cost you a little more, you can rest assured that your structure will last many years without issue and will serve you well. Don’t forget to ask your builder for photographs and testimonials of their past projects!


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