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Pantry Paradise – 6 Tips For Turning Your Kitchen Into Your Own Delicious Dream Space

Is your kitchen getting you down? Perhaps it’s looking a little worse for wear? Perhaps it’s the functionality that is letting you down? Short of enlisting professionals to do some kitchen renovations, we’ve put together 6 simple tips that you can take heed of in order to transform your kitchen into your very own delicious dream space.


  1. Grow your own herb garden

It’s amazing what a little greenery can do to a room in your home.

What’s great about planting a visible herb garden in your kitchen, is that not only does it look great, but it serves an actual purpose, too! Try potting them in old biscuit tins or recycled jars, so you can do an extra favour for the environment, too! Now you can have fresh herbs to add to your delicious meals every single day. Just make sure to water them!

  1. Add more storage space

One of the most frustrating things about a kitchen is when you can never seem to find what you want. If you are finding that the organisation of your pots, pans, tupperware, cutlery and other kitchen items is driving you mad, it may be time to think about some nifty storage solutions. Think about your particular lifestyle so you can create a kitchen that is truly convenient for you.

  1. Change the paint

You know what they say: change is as good as a holiday! That goes for a new coat of paint, too. Sometimes, all you need in a room is a subtle change of background. Try opting for neutral, light colours to give off the air of more space in your kitchen. As well as this, a lighter shade will also not date as fast, ensuring the style of your kitchen remains classic and current for years to come.

  1. Re-organise your pantry

Put aside a day the next time you have some time to organise your pantry.

Not only will this transform your kitchen into a neat and organised haven, it will also mean that you can find ingredients and foodstuffs with incredible ease. Organise your pantry by categories: keep all the spices together, all the canned goods together, all the dry food together, and so on.

  1. Throw out what you don’t need

Sometimes it can just be a mass of too many things that is driving us crazy in our kitchens. If you have too many of the same items, it might be time to start culling. Make a list of all your kitchen items, and if you have any double- or triple-ups, either throw the lesser quality item away, give it to your friends or other family or donate it to charity.

  1. Update your appliances

Perhaps it is your kitchen appliances that are causing you grief?

Whether it’s your toaster, your hot water jug, or microwave, or any other appliance that you use every day – a faulty appliance can mean extra stress that you just don’t need. Check that all your appliances are working in a safe and efficient order, and if any need replacing, treat yourself!

Don’t tolerate living with a drab kitchen any longer. Life is just too short! Prepare delicious meals in a delightful space – you deserve it! Assess your kitchen with these 6 helpful tips in mind, and your kitchen will be the envy of all those around you in no time. Happy cooking!

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