Over-the-Top Homemade Dessert Recipes for Your Family Night

We all love family nights, there’s no doubt about that. You get to spend time with your loved ones, enjoy a bit of friendly competition, have a nice meal, and to top it all off dessert. For most of us, this is the most awaited part; the crown jewel. If you’re the one who prepares them, then you definitely understand the pressure; we do, too.

This is why we’ve come up with some tips to take these three beautiful dessert recipes to the next level.

Strawberry – Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Our first recipe is a classic that; as a devout baker, you simply cannot overlook. While the recipe is not that complicated, it is extremely delicious. Not to mention, the way the inside of the cake will look when you serve it is guaranteed to get you some “oohs” and “aahs” here and there. There are two critical steps that you need to take care of, though. First, the cake mold will determine how the end products turn out. For best results, we recommend a regular pound cake mold or a Bundt pan. Second, make sure you don’t add the batter all at once, and swirl the strawberry glaze multiple times between additions.

Layered Carrot Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

While layer cakes are not really an impressive fete when it comes to buying desserts, when people see a homemade layer cake, they go insane. Before you take on this carroty beast, you need to take on the challenge of learning how to make a tiered cake. The recipe is fairly easy; it’s a regular carrot cake recipe. Your skill will come out in the execution and how good you can frost your cake. You can always go with uniform frosting, or use a frosting bag/gun to make a smooth wavy pattern. Feel free to sprinkle nuts or cinnamon, too!

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Lemon Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are one of the most beautiful desserts you can ever have the pleasure of making. Especially when they are made with lemon and topped with lemon curd. Before we give you any tips, you’ll need the recipe. What we love about this recipe is the lemon curd. As simple as it is, if you prepare it properly then you’ll be taking the taste to a whole new level. While the lemon adds flavor, a thick layer of cheese can dilute that flavor; that’s where the curd comes in.

One thing we must say is that baking is a form of art. This means that it should be fun; if it’s not, then you’re better off without it. Granted, you can stress out and still end up with an amazing cake but, then you lose the purpose of baking as an art form and an activity. So, no matter what you do, and what your cake looks like in the end, make sure you have fun in the making process. There are a lot of uncontrollable variables that can affect your end product but, your enjoyment is much more controllable.

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