Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak manufactures are, without any doubt, one of the Australia’s leading outdoor blinds systems. They specialize in track guided blinds design. This unique proprietary system, originally invented by Tony de Maaijer, can be bought from any of the 400+ retailers across Australia. Outdoor Ziptrak blinds is a family-owned business, based in Adelaide, Australia.

Everything about this business is indigenous. From the products to the sales and the distribution, the outdoor Ziptrak blinds, headquartered in South Australia, mainly focus on the Australian market. But, the scope is not only limited or restricted to this continent. Worldwide sales of the products of outdoor Ziptrak blinds are also quite substantial.

Why is an Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds preferred?

An outdoor Ziptrak blinds aims at providing the best possible method to form a harmonious connection between your outdoor and indoor space. Apart from this, it also provides the following functions:

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  • The track guided design is patented and aims at providing a smart solution for the living environment.
  • It provides a year round comfort zone for your outdoor space.
  • It also has a new interior blinds design that offers complete blockage of sunlight with the best quality of insulation available.
  • It glides smoothly over its panel. It is highly customizable and adjustable and can be made to stop at any suitable required height.
  • The Australian-based company has nearly 30 years of expertise in this industry and its longevity and successful growth rate is a proof of its popularity among the masses which includes their consumers, fabricators and retailers.
  • They provide separate services and products for both outdoor as well as indoor usage and the service is also unique, basically, based on the type of settlement that can be residential or commercial.

Advantages of Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak is very popular for its outdoor blinds designs. This popularity is not unwarranted. All the products in this range have proved their worth and have continued to uphold the reliable name of this company. Some of the features that make the outdoor Ziptrak blinds standout from other similar products are:

  • The sealed blinds system provides the best protection from all the external environmental elements. It shields the house, patio and the furniture from atmospheric conditions such as wind, rain, glare and dust. It lets you make the most out of the climate, irrespective of the occasional undesirable weather.
  • It forms an amazing insect barrier. So if you have an outdoor Ziptrak blinds installed in your house, then you can causally enjoy in the outdoors without having to worry about pesky mosquitoes or using toxic insect sprays.
  • The patented spring balanced track system facilities smooth and fluid movement of the blinds. It is very easy to operate and there are no chains, ropes or pulleys to slow down or complicate the process.
  • It provides an aesthetic and protective means of securing your backyard or balcony’s privacy from the rest of the world. It makes it convenient to host parties and invite guests to your outdoor space without having to worry about external factors.
  • Installing the blinds is an indirect yet effective and affordable means that can extend your living space to the outdoors. It is like adding another room to your house.
  • The design is so well-crafted, and the edges are smooth and specially built to prevent collection of dust and dirt. So you do not have to spend your precious time on cleaning these blinds often. It requires very low-maintenance once installed.

These advantages make Ziptrak blinds highly popular for outdoor usage.

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