Turn your Old Skinny Jeans in Ultra Modern Piece of Clothing

If you have old jeans that you no longer want to wear, and you want something new and modern, then necessarily you must see this simple and quick, how to refresh your old jeans. Also they will look ultra-modern, as if made of the latest fashion collection!

This is the way to do that:

Step 1:

Fold your jeans in place in the knee.

Step 2:

Put the jeans on yourself and make sure that you have bent double to the right place. In fact, trouser leg should reach out to waist when it is folded.

Step 3:

When you have found the right place for folding, move with your hand a few times to create a mild line on which later you will cut.

Step 4:

Put thicker cardboard under the line that you made. It will serve you not to cut the back side of the jeans.

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Step 5:

Using scalpel carefully pull a line or use scissors, but only on the middle of the knee. Later, wearing it will make the natural gap.

Step 6:

Put your hand on either side of the cut and slowly pull the material to make sure the gap really opens, or whether you cut well.

Step 7:

All this you have done, repeat it on the other trouser. Lastly, if the clippings are too discreet for your taste, you can make a few more clippings of the both trousers.

This is quick and simple way to turn your old jeans into a modern piece of clothing which you will love! Sounds interesting? To the simple way and totally free you can do yourself a fashion piece which cost a lot of money. Also with different combinations you can wear them on every occasion, while you will look very modern.

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