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Office Furniture Designed for the Modern Worker

It is hardly possible to argue with the statement that the purchase of modern office furniture is an important part of the successful and productive work of any company. And the more clearly you define the definition of the criteria for its selection, the narrower is the list of options suitable for you, and this, of course, will greatly simplify the purchase. So, what questions should be answered at first:

Of course, any businessman tries to save on the necessary expenses, which are regularly required by his business, and this is quite clear. Moreover, when choosing the direction of office interior there is a temptation to be guided by one’s own preferences in this area. However, when making a decision to buy office furniture in a classic or modern style, expensive or economical, it is necessary to pay attention, first of all, in the direction of your company. And if you doubt the validity of your choice, you can always consult with experts at Sohomod.

Decisive factors in choosing office furniture at Sohomod

If you still want to buy modern office furniture by yourself, we recommend you to keep in mind the following factors.

To understand whether you need to save money on buying tables, drawers and sofas for the office, think about how often, according to the specifics of your company, visitors come to your office, which you are interested in as potential clients or business partners. If you have such guests on a daily schedule, then, you can’t afford to be stingy with the interior decoration – first of all, your business will suffer from it. Of course, if your office is used only by your employees, and you hold business meetings in another place, you can buy a more cost-effective interior design.

The choice of colors and style of the interior and furniture is also very important. It is determined exclusively on the basis of the focus of the company. For a pharmaceutical company, for example, partitions of different shades of white, green, blue colors will be suitable, because they are associated with the natural balance and purity, and therefore – with health. The color of the furniture, in this case, can be white or light grey. The company that provides advertising services or sells various materials for this sphere of activity, will be suitable for brighter, more saturated colors.

We would also like to indicate the main directions in the style of modern office design.


The style of minimalism in due time has turned over all representations about grace and luxury, showing clearly that for fine functionality of furniture it is necessary a useful minimum. This style assumes accurate and straight lines, ideal simplicity and almost complete absence of patterns, drawings, and any accessories.

Hi-tech furniture

Particular attention should be paid to the style of high-tech – this modern style, based on high-tech trends. Aesthetics of the newest technologies in a cut of office furniture – here the main advantage of this style. The decor here is not necessary because of the great number of effects and highlights. Glass, chrome and polished surfaces play on light, creating unforgettable sensations.

One of the variations of high-tech style, the style of techno provides the machine industry when the furniture repeats the technical shades and is decorated with perforations and stampings.

Pop art

The pop art style, which was invented in order to shock or surprise the audience, is very popular now. Here the most unexpected forms created with the help of the most unexpected materials. Materials are usually used artificially, and this fact is particularly focused on. Plastic, iron, and glass – all these textures are combined into the most unexpected combinations. This style gravitates to bright and flashy details, plays with unexpected shapes.

Nowadays, one style replaces another several times a year. Therefore, despite the desire to be in the trend, we recommend starting from comfortable conditions for employees and guests of the office. Then, having made up your mind about the style, you can create your own unique ecosystem in the office.

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