Noodles – A Big treat For Chinese Food Lovers

China is the country that introduced noodles to the world and by the time every country was the part of this race. Noodles are prepared from wheat, a slight quantity of Maida and liquid. China uses this food as the daily food of people use to eat rice and chapattis.

Chinese is a common food and other countries too. In birthday celebration and parties people prefer to prepare paneer noodle recipe and other noodle recipes as well. There is a saying in China ‘if in the birthday party people eat long noodles, then they will have a long life too’. To fulfil these words, Chinese use only long noodles in the parties. There are some noodles available in the market,which are prepared from rice. Development of noodles is somehow based on the regions.  If the area has more rice plantation, then noodles are made by rice. But if the area has more wheat production, then noodles are prepared with wheat.

One biggest reason of noodles’ success is their less cooking time. Nowadays, people like food that can be instantly cooked, as in the era of technology all are busy with the occupation and other essential tasks. People don’t have much time to improve their cooking skills.  As varieties of noodles with instruction are available in the market, individuals don’t have to search for how to make paneer noodles recipe or any other noodle recipe at home at home. Recently cup noodles are very popular in youngsters and for people living out of their home. So noodles are the best option to fulfil needs in less time with delicious taste.

Noodles are favourite foodstuff not only for youngsters but also for children. Even parents also like to make noodles at home by adding fresh vegetables. The reasons are obvious like it takes less time to cook, kids like it, and it is easy to eat as well.

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As per the survey, noodles can help to reduce weight too. By eating noodle one can increase the fibre and decrease the calorie intake. Find below some of the facts related to noodles:

  • Noodle doesn’t comprise sugar.
  • Noodles can help to maintain cholesterol level of the body.
  • Noodles are easy to digest and reassure healthy bowel movement.
  • It contains vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Noodles are also a significant source of iron.
  • Noodles are low in calories and fat.

If we consider one serving of noodles, it has 219 calories, 3.3 grams fat, 40.02 grams carbs and 7.22 grams protein. These are enough to give healthy delight to the body.

Noodles are diverse by nature; it can be served as hot or cold, with or without dressing. One can have a wide selection of vegetable with the noodles and can have benefits of vegetable in a single serving. Last but not the least what makes noodles so special, is their affordability. There is no hard and fast preparation process is involved. Some simple steps have to follow to have great lip smacking treat.

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