New Research Reveals the World’s Best Behaved Dog Breeds

All dogs are good dogs. Every real pooch person knows that. But they also understand that some dogs are definitely a lot ‘gooder’ than others. So which canine breeds are the best behaved? And which are the most mischievous mutts? Well, the dog-loving folk at pet insurers Protect My Paws decide to find out. Using the highly scientific method of searching canine-related Instagram hashtags, they created the following infographics ranking dog breeds based on their behavior.

The world’s naughtiest dog breeds

They might be small, but the Japanese Spitz can be a real paw-full. And that’s because this cute little fluff ball is officially the world’s naughtiest breed. Over 80% of naughty dog posts featured or mentioned the Spitz.

The Shichon is another adorable canine that looks like the treats wouldn’t melt in its mouth. But this Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise crossbreed isn’t as innocent as it seems. The tiny pup came second on the naughty dog list. This diminutive pooch likes to bark and play the alpha dog, especially around strangers. Small dog syndrome is real!

The top ten mischievous mutts list is dominated by the small dogs. The other pint-sized trouble makers include the Welsh Terrier, the Poochon, the Cockapoo, and the Chug.

And if you’re wondering what a Chug is, it’s what you get by mixing a Chihuahua with a Pug. Sounds cute, doesn’t it? But this crossbreed has a constant need for affection, and they’ll keep on barking until they get it!

The good boys and girls

The Korean Jindo Dog is the world’s best-behaved breed. Over 75% of its Instagram mentions praised this pooch for being a good boy or a good girl. Much of the Jindo’s positive behavior stems from its unwavering loyalty and naturally obedient nature. They’re also highly intelligent animals that respond well to training and socialization.

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The Dutch Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, and the Rhodesian Ridgeback are three more big-brained dogs that get lots of positive praise on the gram. But despite their excellent reputations, these giant, working breeds are for experienced owners only.

Four other working dogs feature on the high praise list. They include the Portuguese Water Dog, the imposing-looking Perro de Presa Canario, the Black Mouth Cur, and Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

First-time owners searching for a well-behaved pooch should check out the Rat Terrier or the Miniature Pinscher. Over 60% of their social media mentions included hashtags like  #gooddog, #cleverdog, or #cleverpuppy.

No bad dogs?

There’s an old saying among dog trainers: “there’s no such thing as a bad dog. There are only bad owners.” And this might explain the considerable difference in the country by country results.

More than 85% of pup-related Instagram posts in South African talk about naughty dogs. That figure is less than 10% in Russia and Belarus. And it drops to just 3.28% in Ukraine. It looks like pet owners all around the world could learn a few tricks from Ukraine’s dog lovers!

Every dog is unique, and they all need the right training. So if you want a good boy or good girl, focus on creating those positive habits during your pup’s formative years. Because proper training will always beat ‘proper’ breeding.

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