Need to Remodel Your Garden? 4 Trends to Consider

It’s that time of year when we love getting outdoors and updating the lawn and garden. If your flower beds and shrubs are ready for a remodel, here are four popular trends to consider. Materials are not that expensive, and you may be able to do the work yourself or hire it done affordably.


A nature theme for your garden creates a peaceful, serene environment that will help you to de-stress and relax. The basic design can be simple. Start by removing current elements that are no longer functional that may detract from your new garden theme. You can rent tools for any needed concrete lifting or hire a company to do it for you and avoid the risk of injury. The company can also remove damaged or unneeded concrete or move it to another part of your yard. Then add flowering shrubs, wildflowers, and a few coniferous or deciduous trees to create a natural habitat for birds and friendly creatures as well as for personal respite.

Photo by Artistic Landscapes


Homeowners who love the country look of basic living may want to arrange their garden in a rustic style. You can set up old fashioned rain barrels, a wheelbarrow filled with potted plants, and a spoked wheel as an accent point for the garden. A birdbath or a wooden fence section with hollyhocks or climbing roses along the garden border will complete your old-fashioned rustic look. Handsewn chair doilies add cute accent points.

Photo by Skyline Landscapes, Inc.

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Turn your garden area into a cozy spa-like retreat with a mini-fountain of splashing water, comfortable lawn chairs with colorful cushions, and a matching lawn glider or grounded swing set for occasional relaxing momentum. A color-coordinated wooden chest for lawn games and toys will keep everything tidy and organized. You may want to lay some pavers for a walkway or an adjacent patio floor with screen netting.

Photo by Little Miracles Designs


For a sophisticated city style of garden, select potted plants in modern planter designs as décor pieces. Include cacti, ferns, and herbs to promote environmental consciousness. Wood, brick, and stone walkways or a garden footpath can ensure your garden has an up-to-date vibe that resonates with eco-friendly culture. Handwoven placemats or plant holders made of organically grown materials will clinch this style.

Photo by Eco Landscape Design & Build

Your garden space can be imagined in any style that you choose. These options are examples of what you can do. Be creative in remaking your garden to serve your leisure and recreational interests.

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