Why Need to Remove Tree Stump from Your Garden?

Tree stumps are not just a burden on your garden, but they also create a negative impression about the residential locale, and so you need to remove tree stump by doing it yourself or by hiring the professional tree stump removal services. They use all the latest techniques, tools and methods to cut, or to hack down or to burn down stumps, but at the same time, when you go for stump removals, you must hire competent and reputed companies. There are some reasons why you should go for stump removal, and these are explained below.

Why do you need to remove tree stump?

There are various causes why you need to remove tree stumps, and these reasons are:

Tree stumps reduce the beauty of your domestic place:

Tree stumps surely have a negative effect on your whole garden and on the complete aesthetic beauty of your residence. So it is very important to remove tree stump, so that your house looks clean, and the garden also does not look clumsy, dirty and filled with ugly tree stumps. For landscaping services also, you need to get rid of the tree stumps first, before you call the professionals for work.

Stumps can make you fall down:

You need to remove tree stump as they are dangerous. When you have tree stumps littered all over your garden, then there are many chances for you to fall down and get hurt. It is always advisable to go for reliable stump removal services if you want to keep your garden clean. The stumps are also hazardous for your lawn mowers as they can decrease the speed of the mower and damage it eventually.

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If you keep the stumps as they are, then they can attract insects:

You need to remove tree stump because stumps attract insects when they start rotting. Large number of termites, beetles and mosquitoes can gather around the rotting stump, and these can have a negative effect on your health as well. Plus, they destroy the growth of other plants in the vicinity.

Stumps unnecessarily occupy more space in your garden:

There is a need to remove tree stump, as they occupy more space inside the garden, and they also hinder the growth of other trees as well. If you want to plant new saplings in and around the stumps, then they will also hamper the growth of the new saplings. The roots spread across a large area, which could otherwise be used for a flower bed, or to make a picnic bench by installing a granite or stone slab.

Remove tree stump with charcoal

Apart from the usual tools like chain saws, axes and grinders, you can also use the natural ways to get rid of the three stumps in your garden. This can also be done with charcoal:

  • This should be done only when you have a large garden or an extended stretch of park in front of your house, as burning charcoal often disturbs your neighbors so you must not burn charcoal in a closed area.
  • You should dig a hole on the top of the stump, and then pour the charcoals into it. Then you should light the charcoal on fire. This helps the entire layer of the stump to get smoldered and burnt away very easily, and then you can remove the ashes from the ground.

Apart from this, if you want to use some other natural ways, then you can use epsom salt to remove tree stump, and this will also not cause any environmental degradation.

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