Moving To A New Space? Here Are Five Tips to Stay Organized!

Changing to a new space can be a big decision and a long transition process. If you are looking to relocate to a new home, make sure you have the best help possible. Using the best furniture and office moving service will set you up for a seamless move. However, you’ll also need a reliable way to keep the move organized so you don’t lose track of any belongings.

Here are some tips for making the transition even easier!

1) Create a Checklist

Having a list of everything that needs to be packed and moved will give confidence that each item you need will be accounted for. According to this Removals and Storage Sydney service, this tip makes the biggest difference for customers.

Start with the items you need to pack and slowly check them off as you put your belongings into boxes. Whether you find it easier to use pen and paper or an Excel spreadsheet to create and check off your packing list, it is beneficial to have a document that shows you everything that you need to pack and move as you go.

2) Make Detailed Labels

As you go to start the packing process, be sure to keep detailed labels for each of your boxes. There are many methods you can use as you box up your belongings:

  • If you are moving your office space, you may want to keep all files in a box, all supplies in another, and decorations in a separate container.
  • For moving your housing space, you may want to use a different method of going room by room and packing. However, you choose to organize your boxes, keep a label on the outside of each box with all the details of what lies inside your box.

3) Think About the Next Step

Think ahead while you box up your items. What steps can you combine into one to save time?

One key tip is to know what soft or cloth items you will eventually need to pack and bring with you. Once you have your soft items, use them as padding for your fragile or heavy items!

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When you use tablecloths or clothing to wrap your mugs or paperweights, you will save space packing those clothes later on. You will also save money on purchasing packing peanuts or air bubbles.

4) Manage Cords Carefully

Cords are very easily tangled and misplaced no matter where you are, and Sydney is no exception. During a big move, keeping these straightened out will help you in the future when you unpack! If you have a separate box or bag available, designate it for just cords and electronics.

As you load your cords, wind them up individually and secure them with a zip tie or a strip of Velcro to keep them from becoming a tangled mess. When they are secured, label them!

5) Print PDFs of Important Documents

If you’re moving to a city like Sydney, know that there are several important documents that you need to keep yourself set and ready to pick up in your new place.

For example, you might need the following documents:

Make sure that you have two copies of each just in case one is misplaced during the transition. A helpful resource is either a photocopier or a cell phone app that turns images into PDF electronic documents.

Final Thoughts

When you choose to change up your spaces and need to transfer belongings to another area, it is important above all else to have a reliable company that will move your boxes and furniture. These professionals have experience applying all of these tips and making moves faster as a result.

Even if you don’t go with a service, you will make your own life much easier by keeping these simple steps in mind!

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