Moving to a Remote Location

Picture the scene, you’ve finally signed the contract for your dream rural home and are getting those final details in order before you move. Yet you haven’t really explored how you are going to heat your home and what options are available to you. If you haven’t previously considered using LPG as a fuel source then now is the time to do so.

LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas, but is also known as propane or butane. LPG is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases and it is a safe and efficient way to fuel your home so it is warm and cosy for you and your family. It’s also flexible enough for use across a whole host of scenarios: from cookers and heating boilers, to car engines and BBQs. With a diverse range of uses, and being environmentally and economically friendly too, LPG is the go-to choice for approximately 3.9 million homes in the UK. The easy storage and multifunction benefits of LPG make it the ideal energy solution for those who live in rural or remote locations.

Going off-grid

In fact, being an off-grid household makes your life instantly a lot easier. You are liberated from the threat of power failures, disconnection and the additional costs to change your supplier – you regain control. If you are off-grid, you have the freedom to choose which fuel you want to use to keep your home ticking over. Why not consider gas LPG as an option for you? Millions of households have already made the switch; and thanks to its plentiful supply, LPG is no longer an expensive option. It’s also a much more energy efficient fuel source too, and because it burns cleaner your appliances need far less maintenance, which can be hard to arrange if you live remotely.

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Storage solutions

One issue that crops up with regard to LPG is how it is stored. LPG gas is stored in pressurised, tamper-proof tanks – providing peace of mind for you, as its impossible for opportunists to access your fuel supply, a risk that is all too real if you currently heat your home using oil. Not to mention LP gas tanks are completely sealed and protected against leaks and the elements, keeping you fuel safely stored away from inquisitive little hands. If you are worried about space and storage solutions, then you will be happy to hear that LP gas can be stored in a range of containers – from above ground tanks, to underground solutions and even in more compact gas cylinders if you are stuck for space. There’s no reason why you can’t switch to LP gas if you live off-grid.

Why choose LPG?

LPG is an incredibly efficient, economic, safe and easy to use alternative for fuelling your home’s domestic needs all year round. So, why not research as how LPG can fuel your off-grid home? It will be the best decision that you make this winter.

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