Moving Into and Creating your Dream Property

When we think about where we will be in ten years’ time, we often consider family and relationships, career and home. Living in your dream house holds importance for many of us. Continue reading for our guide to moving into and creating your dream property.

Finding the Property

You may have seen your idea of a perfect property on an estate agent’s website or even just by driving past. Be sure not to be lured in simply by seeing some well-taken photographs in the best light and real estate spin. Visit any houses you feel could be contenders on several occasions. If the first visit was carried out on a beautifully sunny day, this could have unknowingly influenced your feelings. However, for viewings that occurred on a rainy day, it is likely that your positive thoughts are more accurate. Seeing a neighbourhood at various times of the day can also be an important step to take. A location can really give off a different vibe at different times.

Moving Day

When it comes to moving into your ideal home, be sure to be well organised. Throwing belongings into boxes on the morning of the move will not do your wellbeing any good at all. A moving house checklist would be advisable to use in order to prevent you from forgetting any important steps. Ticking each thing off and double and triple checking everything will certainly put your mind at ease. Furthermore, knowing the time scale for doing certain things in advance of the move will also help. It is advisable to pack a box or bag that you will keep with you rather than adding to the mass of boxes on the removals transport. In that box, place essentials such as a kettle, teabags, cups, teaspoons, snacks and a phone charger. Having these to hand will make the stressful move that little bit easier.

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Creating the Dream

Turning your property into your dream will take both time and effort with a sprinkling of imagination for good measure. Knowing the outcome you expect for each room within your new home is important, so sit down and plan what you would like to see. Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for home décor. Try not to get carried away and expect too much too soon. Rushing things can mean that you make mistakes and choose items without giving them enough thought. It would be much better to put up with rooms as they currently are (provided they are habitable) and redecorating at a later date than having a wobble several months or even up to a couple of years afterwards and wanting to redo everything.

If the dream goes beyond decoration and needs actual building or renovating work, it is a must to seek advice and support from professionals to ensure that your dream can actually come true. It is imperative also to find out about building regulations to ensure you are sticking to the law if extending or altering the property significantly.

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