Most Unique Glamping Sites to Visit this Summer 2018

Forget camping, and discover the new vacation trend: Glamping. With Glamping offering endless possibilities for adventure, it’s the ultimate opportunity to create memories that will stand the test of time. Whether it’s a safari tent or a yurt that tickles your fancy Glamping Hub will be sure to set you on the right track with thousands of accommodations to choose from. Let us start you off with a few options we think might just persuade you to don your wellies and head into the great outdoors.

1. Glamping isn’t just about where you visit but where you stay.

There are countless unique accommodations that prove just that. This green house cabin is only the tip of the iceberg. Step into the greenhouse with 360 degree views of the outdoors and you’ll soon realise you’re in a little sanctuary like no other. There’s even the extra added sprinkle of luxury of a private hot tub where you can take a soak after a long day exploring.

2. Hundreds of unique accommodations can carry you to far flung locations without the long-haul flights.

Take safari tents for example, typically associated with the plains of Africa they’re now trending all across the globe. Swap sub-saharan Africa for California sand dunes and experience the relaxation of nature just beyond the canvas. Having such proximity to nature combined with modern home comforts is sure to make your stay extra special.

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3. Perhaps you’re looking for familiarity but with a little twist? A-framed cabins will be just what you’re looking for.

Nestled in picturesque woodland these cute cabins combine beautiful design and extra comfort. This A-framed cabin in the San Jacinto mountains is the perfect spot to explore the great outdoors while having all the home comforts you could want. Glamping Hub is the perfect destination to help you discover your cabin with a twist, for the perfect hideaway with the ones you love!

4. If you’re searching for something completely outside the box why not try a pod rental?

The adorable accommodations are bite-size vacation options that will give you a subterranean glamping experience. Unique and original, these accommodations are off the beaten track offering seclusion and privacy. They’re hunkered down in the middle of the great outdoors and are sure to offer you the chance to reconnect with nature.

Despite all the choice, glamping is all about the experience of creating memories while connecting with nature so whichever accommodation you choose, you’re sure to have picked the right one for your own little slice of paradise.

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