The Most Hashtagged Interior Design Trends

It can be easy to get caught in your own bubble online, and when it comes to the latest trends- this can leave you left behind! In this infographic, the Farthing have tallied up the most commonly hashtagged interior design trends from across the world to see what people are talking about most- and have included the areas in the world that they’re most interested in.

From minimalism to marble they’ve counted up 26,391,131 hashtags on Instagram to see what interior design trends would come out on top. Here we look a bit more in depth at the results below,

#Minimalism: 17, 682, 045 posts

Unsurprisingly, minimalism came out on top. #minimalism counted for a hefty 14,160,580 (86%)  of those posts, with variations such as #minimalismo and #minimalismworld also making sizeable contributions with both around a million.

The success of minimalism is likely due to its accessibility and mental health benefits. The benefits of a minimalist lifestyle has been widely promoted; from cult figure Marie Kondo to Psychology Today. Not only is minimalism a great path toward mindfulness, but it can be incredibly versatile in adapting to other traditional design aesthetics. From modern farmhouses, traditional Georgian homes, and of course the ever popular scandi style, minimalism can be applied to simplify and curate the aesthetic of a place.

Interestingly, Indonesia is the country that most regularly tags #minimalism. Many Indonesian interior designers are turning to minimalism to not replace, but highlight and feature traditional Indonesian art by creating a contrasting, simplified background.

#Vintage: 4,770,305 posts

While this trend might feel dated, Vintage has been reinventing itself as a hashtag. The broad scope of the term means that it has evolved from Cath Kidston-esque florals to mid century furniture and upcycled industrial elements.

To avoid including vintage clothes and accessories tags in the final count, the Farthing only included hashtags that directly related to interior design, such as #vintagedecor, #vintagehome and #vintagefurniture- even without including #vintage itself, the final count came out to 4,770,305 unique posts

The top global spot for vintage lovers was Ireland, with #vintagefurniturebelfast racking up a staggering 2, 176 posts alone!

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From crockery to clothes, armoires to armchairs; thrifting for vintage will continue to have a timeless appeal. While it may not always be the top interior design trend, we think this hashtag will always be near the top.

#Openshelving: 1, 714,052 posts

In third place is a trend we underestimated – open shelving. The popularity makes sense when we think about the sweeping rise of the #shelfie

The #shelfie trend teaches us about how the way people engage with interior design on an everyday level, in ways that can’t be predicted or designed a lot of the time. With the rise of photo sharing sites like instagram, more and more people are taking an intentional design approach to their everyday spaces, and the way objects are placed within them. It’s no surprise then, that open shelving has become so popular.

Open shelves have long been known to say a lot about their owner- as long as bookcases have been about they have intentionally or unintentionally, been styled to communicate about ourselves. In the words of Alan Bennett “A bookshelf is as particular to its owner as are his or her clothes; a personality is stamped on a library just as a shoe is shaped by the foot.”

These days people are styling their kitchen, wardrobe and living room shelves with the same intentional approach. This is one example of the way social media has put an interior design mindset into our everyday habits.

#Openshelving is most popular in the United States, and strangely – also most popular during the working week. #Openshelving has been a steadily increasing trend over the past decade, and looking back at instagram data from its early days in 2010, we can see that interest in open shelving peaks annually after the new year. It seems beautifully curated open shelving makes the ultimate spring cleaning inspo.

The runner ups: #Statementmirrors, #Backsplash, #Marble, Pendantlights

The next most popular interior design hashtags aren’t so much trends, as elements used in a design scheme. I think this says a lot about the way we’re beginning to think about interior design, and the way people are pulling on multiple influences to create something that is both on trend and uniquely theirs. Statement mirrors racked up 1,345,289 posts, with the others trends significantly further behind at 353,919 for backsplashes, 315,176 for marble and 165,607 for pendant lights.

Which trends were you surprised to see there? Are there any you were surprised that were missing? Drop us a line and let us know which one you think deserves top spot!

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