Modern Locks – Looking Great and Providing Security

We are seeing technology seep into every aspect of home design and architecture – from the use of new materials that boost energy efficiency of a building to new ways in which buildings are designed in the first place; from new integrated entertainment systems to technologies that enable solutions that were science fiction mere decades ago.

Technology is also changing the way we see home security and locks are one of the most obvious examples. New, modern locks are not only providing added security to our homes and businesses, but they also look sleek and elegant, adding to the aesthetics of a building.

Different Types

Not all modern locks are the same. In fact, they come in a variety of types which are quite different from one another. For example, you have keypad locks, which are among the oldest keyless locks. These come with a keypad (usually a numerical one) where you type in your code. There are also the so-called proximity locks which come with a fob that you carry on your person and that signals the lock you are near (hence the name).

Biometric locks are another type and these are usually considered to be the most advanced on the market. These locks will read your fingerprints or even your retina and thus allow you entrance to your home. Finally, we have smartphone-operated locks whose name tells you a lot about how they work. You use your smartphone to unlock the door and you can choose what kind of password will be used. Some smartphone-operated locks behave like proximity locks.

Added Security They Provide

The main goal of modern locks is to provide added security that goes beyond mere bolts and keys. Locks with keyholes all share a single vulnerability and that is the hole which can be picked, thus allowing burglars access to your home. With keyless locks, this vulnerable spot is avoided. Because of this, an “old-school” burglar will not know how to even attempt to break into the house.

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Many modern locks have additional security features, such as being connected to the alarm system, alerting the owner and the alarm monitoring company that someone is attempting to break in. Furthermore, some high-tech locks include cameras which can shoot pictures and also serve as video door phones.

That being said, modern locks are often lacking in terms of physical security. We talked to locksmith professionals from Ryde and they told us that home owners should always make sure the modern locks they buy have sturdy construction and that they are made from high quality materials. If they are not, they recommend reinforcing the entire door and not just the lock.

The Aesthetics

People who worry about the looks of their doors will also be very careful about the lock they choose. Some locks, unfortunately mostly really strong ones, are not the most beautiful, especially if you are looking for a certain style that would complement the rest of the door.

Modern, high-tech locks come in a variety of shapes, colors and variants, but it is safe to say that they all look quite contemporary. This is especially true for biometric and proximity locks which are as high-tech looking as they come. This may prove to be a problem to people whose front door has a more classical or retro look. These locks will often clash. However, for those with neutral or elegant, modern doors, these high-tech locks will work just great.

One thing to remember when buying a modern, keyless lock is that there are all kinds of manufacturers on the market. Some of them know very little about home security and they are more gadget-oriented. It is always a better idea to go for lock systems manufactured by people who do home security systems well.

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