Modern Exterior Upgrades to Make Your Home Stand Out

When you want your home to stand out, a few modern exterior upgrades can help with that. Some small changes will do a lot, and other work that needs to be done anyway, such as a roof replacement, can add to the modern appearance of the house. Use the tips below to guide your home upgrade decisions.

Update the Style of the Finishes

If the finishes on your house are outdated, then you need to update them. Replace the bricks with a stucco surface or put wood or vinyl siding on the house. Look at modern homes for inspiration and use the kinds of finishes you love most on them.

Photo by Ryan Rhodes Designs, Inc.

Use Some Fresh Colors on the House

Adding color to the house will make it look more modern. A colorful front door will make it bright and appealing. Add color to the garage door, driveway, fence, or anywhere else you want, as well. When doing that, just make sure to pick the right shade of blue, yellow, red, or whatever color you use so that it will look modern.

Photo by Concrete Repair Specialist

Replace the Roof With Something More Modern

The roof can make the house look more modern if it is replaced with something new, and you need to pick the right look for it. Find a residential roofer who will do good work with it. Choose the right color and materials for the roof and it will turn out well.

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Photo by Lake Country Builders

Put in New Lighting for an Upgraded Look

Replace all the outdoor light fixtures to give your home a more modern look. Replace the lightbulbs, as well, so that they give off a nice, bright white glow. The lighting might seem like a small thing, but new lighting will help the exterior of the house come together well.

Photo by Oregon Outdoor Lighting

Add a Nice Fence Around the Property

If you have been debating putting up a fence around the property, then now is the perfect time to do that because it can give the house better curb appeal. A modern, wide wooden fence will make the house look more modern. Choose the right color for the fence and you will like what it adds to the property.

Photo by Zorzi

Make any of these upgrades to your house, and it will stand out. Make it look more modern, and it will have better curb appeal and value. Upgrade your home so that you will be proud to live there.

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