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Modern Approach To Garden Renovations

Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with manual labour, toiling all weekend with a pick and shovel probably isn’t something many of us look forward to. If you’re envisioning a major change in your garden and don’t have space in your budget for hiring a landscape architect, is your only alternative moving tons of earth by hand? Not at all! A wise mini excavator hire will allow you to transform your garden without breaking the bank or your back!

Using Hubs In Garden Design

Today many people like to get a bit more complex with their gardens than the traditional floral planting beds surrounding a stretch of lawn. Many property owners are looking to customise their gardens for separate uses. You might, for instance, envision different areas for sitting, dining, growing flowers, and growing produce. Distinguishing these areas from each other visually is a great idea.

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When your plans include shifting a significant amount of soil, hiring a mini excavator is the way to go. You can lay down a patio, build up hedge borders or herb beds around a sitting area, and much more. Do your garden plans need a little extra inspiration? We asked Hani, en experienced landscapist, to compile a few superb garden ideas that may be of interest to you.

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Build an easy water feature with an old tyre. Use your excavator to create an appropriately-sized hole and then let the tyre create a long-lasting structure.

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If space is in short supply, why not handle your growing in self-contained raised planting beds? You get finer soil control (perfect for dealing with alkaline or acidic growing conditions) and fewer weeds.

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We’ve also heard from many homeowners who have brilliant ideas to share in the way of recycling and reusing. If you’re grappling with an oversized expanse of lawn, try breaking it up by converting surplus pallets into a DIY wooden path. The material has a trendy look and it’s perfect for separating two garden areas from one another.

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Creating a dynamite garden doesn’t require professional assistance. You can do an amazing amount on your own as long as you have a few creative ideas and the right tools. When your vision includes lots of earth moving, the mini excavator you hire might just be the most important piece of gear you use.

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