Mixing Travel and Health: A Quick Guide

Vacations are there to help you detach from your work, daily routines and the stress your life can bring sometimes. So it’s no wonder why last year, US citizens spent around 1.7 billion dollars on vacation travels, according to the US Travel Association. All of us love to visit amazing and exciting places, maybe bask in the tropical sun, or ski down the slopes of snowy mountains. But our vacations aren’t always like that.

As a matter of fact. Out of habit, most people travel to the same-old, overcrowded tourist spots that make our trips, for the most part, unexciting. It goes without saying that loads of alcohol, fast food and an overall unhealthy lifestyle are a part of our holiday every year. Unfortunately, all of this greatly affects us, because instead of enjoying our moments of peace, we often limit ourselves to experiences we could’ve indulged ourselves in during the weekend at home.

But with just a little bit of preparation, you’ll be able to completely rest, clear your mind and enjoy your vacation, without mistreating your body at all. And it’s important to note that this won’t even take a lot of effort to do.

Advice #1: Detoxing

If you want to go on a peaceful vacation, you need to do some planning in advance. First, you have to find something that is both close to civilization and has an area that suitable for things like hiking and camping. In addition, you should pack (or buy) a tent, a couple of sleeping bags, pots and anything else you think you need for camping. Activities like that will help your body recover from all of the stress it experiences during the year. Eating lighter, leaving alcohol or cigarettes in combination with daily exercises will empower you to continue with your daily tasks much stronger than before.

Advice #2: Exercising

Now, if you plan on traveling by car, a smart idea would be to bring a bike with you, because you could easily mount it on the top of your vehicle. Recent studies have shown that cycling is great for your cholesterol levels, blood pressure and even contributes to a healthy body-mass index. Unfortunately, a recent study published in Archives of Internal Medicine has discovered that only 17% of Americans are active cyclers. Brining a bike will not only save you money on fuel or cab-fare, it will also give you just the right amount of exercise you need to feel even healthier on your vacation.

Advice #3:Meditating

By now, you probably know everything about the benefits of meditation, but did you know that underwater activates like snorkelling and scuba diving are the ultimate stress relievers. This is because during those activities, you’ll get a full-body workout while relaxing your mind. In a matter of days, your body will grow stronger and tighten, and if that’s not enough, your breathing pathways are going to clear up, and you’ll experience better mood. Moreover, observing the fish and colourful underwater fauna will rest your mind, forget all about your woes.

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Selecting the Right Vacation Spot

Let’s face, your vacation almost always depends on the spot you chose. And if you’re searching for an intensively healthy holiday, you should definitely visit a health resort. For example, think about visiting a spiritual resort, where you’ll be able to have a true relaxing and meditative experience. Hot tubs, massages and regular meditation sessions will benefit your health in the long run, especially if you lead a proactive, fast-paced life during the rest of the year.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should completely abandon every aspect of your life at home. For instance you could always lie down for an hour or two in the evening and watch some of your favourite TV shows. And if you’re planning on watching stuff Netflix It or Hulu, also worth mentioning that some countries don’t have access to certain content online, so it would be wise to use Virtual Private Network such as Express VPN that allows to visit any site on the Internet, no matter where you are.

Final Words

There you have it, these are just some of the things you can do if you go on an all-natural, atypical vacation. And no matter where you chose to go, you have to agree that something like this will definitely be better for both your body and mind, than your regular vacation. While we have to admit that all-night clubbing, lots of drinks and few hamburgers are fun at times, you should have an abundance of different experiences, and it helps if those experiences make you healthier and more relaxed.

By Adam Ferraresi

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Adam lives in Dallas, Texas, has a successful career in web development and is trusted writer of wefollowtech.com. He is twenty three years old, and when he’s not concocting some new interesting articles, he loves playing basketball and cooking for his friends.

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