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Minimalism Tips for Designing Your Small Space

The design of our homes can directly affect our mood and how we live. Usually the state of our home reflects the state of our minds and lifestyle choices. Some of us choose large homes to reflect how much we keep in the bank, and some may choose a small home in order to keep from having too much to clean. Either way, our home is our space and it should be designed in accordance to our tastes and budgets. Additionally, it can be great fun if approached in the right manner.

These days, people are looking into a minimalist lifestyle. De-cluttering and getting rid of all the excess stuff is trending right now. For some, it is a financial decision, and for others, a design choice. It can be incredibly convenient to commit to utilizing a smaller space.

The Minimalist Idea 

Minimalism is the idea that highlights the old adage “less is more.” You choose to have less clothes, less possessions, and ultimately, less space. It is a popular option and lifestyle in larger cities where spaced is limited. A simple 300-square foot apartment can have just as much storage space as a 2,000 square foot home if designed correctly.

Minimalism means less clutter and mess. Clutter stacks up quickly, as most people know too well. Keeping only the things that you need prevents items from overwhelming not only your desk but your home. As well, a minimalist home design requires much less money to maintain.

Unique Furniture 

Start out with a few smart pieces of furniture. After all, expandability and purpose are key concepts for minimalist design. Choose bright lighting, whether natural or artificial, as it will create a more open space and the illusion that there is more of it. Tall bookshelves and windows also help make a room look bigger.

Keep dual purpose minimalist furniture and appliances in mind. Loft beds are great as they offer storage space, a desk area, a bed, and more if you use it well. Choose a bed frame that has room for sliding drawers underneath for clothes and storage, or one lifted off the ground that can easily connect to a desk. Fully utilize all shelf space and hanging racks to keep clothing and personal items out of the way.

Storage in A Small Space

Efficiency is the name of the game for minimalist design. When it comes to storage space, like furniture, utilize every inch of space in your home. Pack your kitchenette with collapsible bowls and silicone bottles to take up less cabinet space. Built-in shelving is ideal in any room and can look decidedly modern and chic.

Maximising space in a small bathroom is not difficult to pull off, although it does take some planning and perspective. Choose a small bathtub or a shower, and utilize shower caddies and over-the-toilet cabinets. Towel racks and narrow wall shelves keep personal hygiene items organized and out of the way.

In a tiny apartment or home designed for a minimalist, you may be turned away by a bed right next to a kitchen table right next to a curtained bathroom door. However, with enough open lighting and a clever series of stacking boxes, a space that once felt claustrophobic is now open and roomy. Let’s say it one more time: more light and more built-in shelves.

Design a small space with care. Choose pieces with purpose and utilize every shelf, every surface, and reduce clutter wherever possible. Unique art pieces and open lighting will ensure that your tiny home looks larger than life.

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