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Michael Giannulis Talks About Employee’s Healthcare Routine While Visiting Offices During COVID 19

After locking your office doors for months due to COVID spread out, the time has finally come when you need to open those locks, clean your messy office space and start inviting employees over. Businesses of all kinds have suffered quite a bit during this pandemic time, and according to Michael Giannulis, financial crises have been on the rise.

Now with situation trying to cope up with the scenario and getting stable to some extent, offices are working hard to manage their loss for the last couple of months. That’s why, they are encouraging their employees to come and join offices. Yes, the situation won’t be the same because the employees have to visit twice or thrice in a week and then work from home the rest of the week.

But, even if your employees are visiting the office premise for mere one day, it is your responsibility to keep them safe. For that, you need to follow employee’s healthcare routine while they plan to take a trip to your office space.

Michael Giannulis talks about simple preventive ways to spread COVID in workplace:

Some of the low cost measures are there to follow, which will prevent spread out of infections at your workplace. Some of those are stomach bugs, flu and colds. It will help protecting contractors, customers and employees.

Working on the minimally touched surface areas:

Some of the minimally touched surfaces will include walls, ceilings, floors, blinds and window curtains. Mike Giannulis would state that the employer should ensure that these surfaces are cleaned on a daily basis as well, especially after noticing dirt, dust or spillage anywhere. For that, you can use wipes or detergent solution for the non-patient care areas and general surfaces. You can even use a detergent solution for damping mop and using it to clean, instead of dry mopping.

Keeping a note of the nearby hospital for emergency:

Make sure to keep numbers of hospitals handy. You never know when your employee might fall sick. So, getting him medical assistance immediately is your responsibility as an office owner. So, make sure to work on that as well, and keep contact with nearby hospitals.

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