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Making Your Apartment Look and Feel Bigger

When you are just starting to work or become independent, living in a tiny apartment is the most practical thing. However, that does not mean that you’re just going to be fine with it. Of course, you still would want to make your lair as comfortable and presentable as possible , either you have the cash to spend or checking some variable home loan premium if you do not have the amount of money need. Having a limited space should not be a problem with the tips that we are going to discuss in this article. So are you ready to give your apartment a much-needed make-over to make it look and feel bigger? Here are the tips:

Tip 1: Mirror, mirror everywhere

Old tricks are still the best. Using the mirror technique to make your apartment look bigger is definitely effective. You should place mirrors on the wall and also use glass-type furniture to further the effect. Seeing the reflection on the glass and mirrors creates the illusion of having bigger space. You should avoid having a view that shows start point and end point since it makes the room look cramped and small. So as much as possible, use mirror everywhere to trick your naked eyes.

Tip 2: Minus and minus

If you know that you have a limited floor plan, then you should understand that you can’t just add furniture and other decorations you wish to add. In fact, the best way to solve your problem with limited space is simple – minus. You should remove items that you do not need to make more room and space. Assess everything that you see in the room and ask yourself if it’s really important for it to be there and if the answer is no, then you should just remove it. It will definitely make a big difference.

Tip 3: Hang it all

Of course you can still decorate and beautify your apartment even if it is small and tiny. You just need to be a bit creative. Since the floor area is limited, why don’t you use the ceilings or walls. Hang your decorations instead of using space on your floor. So if you wish to display photos of yourself with family and friends, you can’t place too many side tables to hold your picture frames, but instead you can hang your photos or paste it on the walls. It will not only save you space but it looks more creative too.

Tip 4: Size does matter

In choosing and buying furniture, you should be practical and look at the size. Choose smaller furniture and appliances and also those that saves a lot of space. One best example is choosing bar stool and high table for your dining area instead of the regular dining set.

Tip 5: The larger the windows the better

Lastly, using large windows is good since it reflects the outside scenery that makes the room more pleasant and spacious. It would be great to use light-coloured curtains too.

You can follow the tips that we discussed here to make your tiny apartment look and feel bigger. However, if you already have the budget to get your own place that has bigger space and floor plan then better.

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