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Making and Marketing Art Go Hand in Hand

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

You have a creative soul, an artist’s skills, and a dreamer’s way of looking at the world, but you may be seriously lacking in business and marketing skills. You’re not alone. Most artists are right there with you and have been since someone first tried to sell a piece of art. Just look at poor Vincent van Gogh, who really could have used some marketing help. Today, Beauty Harmony Life shares some tips to help artists get their work seen by upgrading their marketing game.

Stand Out

Your work should be your vision, not what you envision will sell. Trying to create what you believe others want could be the very thing holding you back. People love da Vinci’s The Mona Lisa, Shakespeare’s King Lear, and The Beatles’ Hey Jude, but they also love finding new classics, and that’s where you come in.

Find what makes your art unique and focus on that. It might be scary to try putting something out there that may only find a small audience. But that audience will be a loyal one, and can turn out to be your best marketing force, too!

Social Media

Social media can be a double-edged sword for trying to get noticed for your work. It’s a wonderful way to reach an awful lot of people inexpensively or even for free. But you’re likely to be buried under the mountains of other people doing similar work who also have a social media presence. You have to find ways to stand out.

Engagement is key to standing out on social media. You have to have a constant online presence in order to be in front of the largest audience. Content is your best marketing tool for gaining followers.

Know your audience and give them what they want. Create links to a blog where you write about your specialty. Link to any YouTube videos you’ve created with tutorials and behind-the-scenes looks at how you create. Post photos of yourself at different venues where followers might even spot a glimpse of themselves in the audience.

Take It Up a Notch

If your artistry, music, dance, or whatever you create is something you’re doing on the side in order to build up a clientele, try expanding it into something bigger. Give yourself some goals on when you expect to be at a certain point with your work, and then stick with those plans.

You should also give some thought to how you’re presenting your art. Having a website is a must these days, but for visual artists, it’s just as necessary to put together a digital portfolio that you can share. Start by taking high quality pictures of your work, then use a free tool to merge them into a single PDF document that you can use for promotional purposes; check this out to get started.

You may even need to grow your workspace. You probably already have a section of your home dedicated to your work, but what if you created an entirely new room just to grow your work and your art? Think of what you could do with all that space and equipment.

And it wouldn’t just be an important investment in your art, it could also be a great investment in your home. Home improvements increase your home’s appraised value as long as it’s done with an eye on future homebuyers as well. Buyers are always looking for a multi-purpose room. Take before and after photos, and keep receipts to help quantify your home’s increase in value.

Make sure you have quality work to share, and only market with your very best. Create something new and unique, and let it find its audience. Have a strong social media presence that you engage with often, and finally, give yourself room to grow — literally — with more space in your home.

It can mean working just as hard at getting noticed as it does to create your art to find your audience but keep going and don’t get discouraged because your audience is there. They’re just waiting for you to come and find them.

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