What Makes Factory Mezzanine Floors Installations A Preferred Choice? The Pros, Cost, & More

Factory Mezzanine Floors Installations has been greatly popularized since many factories and companies have installed these flooring systems. It is not only confined to factories but also retail stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, offices, and commercial places. The time and cost of installing of these Mezzanine Floors depend upon many factors such as the type of flooring selected, quality of material, location, etc. So you need to choose the floor material and then ask for the quote from the company for the installation.

Why Would You Install Factory Mezzanine Flooring?

According to a major Mezzanine Floors installation company, it takes around one day to install 60m2 to 100m2 of the floor. It adds one more day if you want fire protection which is comparatively faster and cost-effective method than making an alteration to a structure and creating an additional floor which will take up a lot of resources and investment.

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Mezzanine Floors are installed to enhance the usage of available space where it actually increases the area where you can store or display product depending upon your use. Consider you have a warehouse of 1000m2 and a roof height of 20m and you have some products of 9 or 10m of height. You can double your productivity by installing Mezzanine Floors which actually divides the warehouse into two floors. Through this way, you can design two different floors and store your products in your mezzanine floors. You can easily keep your factory clutter free and shift your products and raw materials to the factory mezzanine floor.

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What Are the Benefits of Factory Mezzanine Floors?

Mezzanine Flooring System is currently being used in retail stores, warehouses, offices, and it has various benefits as enlisted below.

  • Enhances the usage of small space by creating more space i.e. a mid-floor between two floors.
  • It can be modeled and implemented quicker than an actual concrete floor which will be costly and time-consuming. You can also remove these mezzanine floors after few years when you do not need it and you can also add more flooring options inside the factory.
  • Mezzanine Floor is durable and last longer than 10 years. But the durability and longevity depends on its quality, support, and other parameters.
  • Doubles the production or productivity. You will get more space for your production and you can store your products in the mezzanine floor.

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How Does the Installation Take Place?

Factory Mezzanine Floors Installations are preferred alteration option for many warehouse and factory owners since it is cost-effective than building an entire concrete floor or shifting to another place. A certain procedure is followed in order to install the mezzanine floors which are summarized below.

  • First of all, designing of the perfect solution for mezzanine floor takes place. As every structure is different and the requirements and premises stated by the customers are different. The service provider will assess and survey the area and then, he will devise the plan to set up the support structure, and then they will install your mezzanine floor accordingly.
  • After designing the approach and the structure of the floor, the service provider will test the load bearing ability and according to which, the proper solution, material, and other required accessories will be added to the installation process which takes merely 5 to 7 days depending upon several factors.
  • If you want to set up the mezzanine floor in your factory, warehouse, or office, disclose the details on its usage so that the provider can make the required changes and make the structure which will capable of withstanding the pressure and load.

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So now you can contact with your nearest mezzanine floor designer and they will suggest you the best mezzanine floor according to your needs.

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