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Make Your Own Summer Dress

With all this sun and heat, it’s a surprise we get to breathe properly and not melt in our homes altogether. When all you want to do is sit in your beautifully air-conditioned home or a café and drink lemonade with ice, it comes as a nightmare having to actually go anywhere. The main problem is: what to wear and not feel like you’re in a sauna? It’s simple: wear a beautiful summer dress which is not only going to make you look gorgeous, but allow you to ignore the heat as well.

Pillowcase dress

This is one of the easiest projects there are, and it looks amazing. Originally, there was a tutorial on how to make a pillowcase shirt, but it can easily be turned into a dress if you change a thing or two in the original tutorial. Cut two rectangles of any material you want (cotton and linen are the best for hot weather) and have two long strips of faux satin (it just looks so delicate and feminine). Make a casing at the top of each square about 2 inches wide and trim it. Use faux satin for a sash, trim it nicely, and when finished, use a safety pin to pull the sash trough both panels of fabric. Hem the sides by the armholes and the bottom of the dress as well and – voila!

Kaftan style dress

For this lovely dress you only need two rectangles of any fabric you like, as long as it’s lightweight and flowing. You will also need a necklace and some matching thread to stitch the fabric where necessary. Put your necklace on and take the outside corner along the short side of the fabric. Decide where you want them to attach to the necklace, and then use the needle and matching thread to sew the corners to the chain. While all this is still on your neck, take the other two corners on the inside of the short edge and put a safety pin to where you want your neckline to be. Take the long edge of fabric that you sewed to the necklace and bring it around your back, pin down the front and the back lengths where you pinned the neckline and the back. Just a straight stitch all the way down both sides and you are done!


Knitted dress

For those who can knit things are looking even better, because all these sexy crochet and knitted summer dresses have never before been this popular. Ever since those amazing Dolce & Gabana crochet dresses, women all over the world have gone crazy about them. For a knitted dress project you will need two size hooks, one big and one small (smaller hook for the waist). As far as yarn is concerned, 100% cotton is the perfect choice for these dresses since it’s really hot and you don’t want to be sweating, and it can be found in any online yarn store.


The best thing about all these dresses is the fact that they’re going to fit you perfectly because you made them for yourself. Using nothing but your hands and a tutorial you managed to create something wonderful, and you should be proud of that. Stay cool in the heat, stay stylish, and feel great wearing something you created.

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