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How to Make Your Restaurant Summer-Proof

When the warmer months come around, it is essential for restaurant owners to ensure their establishment still appeals to the sunglass-clad masses. Stuffy spaces with no outdoor facilities are likely to flounder during this time, so if you’re gearing up for summer it’s a good idea to start thinking about how you can summer-proof your restaurant now. There are many ways in which you can go about this, some more extreme than others. If you are yet to select a property for your restaurant, then it is a good idea to take these factors into consideration during the selection process.

Outdoor Seating

Perhaps the most essential factor for a summer-friendly restaurant is outdoor seating. Whilst some places may have their own garden, others will need to work with smaller spaces on sidewalks or on industrial estates. It can be difficult to make these places into attractive spots to eat, but there are a number of tricks you can use. By creating a border around your outdoor space, like a low wall or fence, you can give a feeling of privacy to your diners. It is also important to factor in shade from the sun and protection from the rain in case of sudden weather changes. For this element, there is nothing better than retractable roof systems. These can easily be opened in order to let sun in, and closed again when shade or cover is needed. Retractable roofs can often be made to order, meaning they can be adapted to fit any space. They are a great investment, as they can ensure that your outdoor space remains usable even in bad weather and they also make a very attractive addition to any outdoor space.

Air Conditioning

When the heat is at its peak, many customers will want to forgo outdoor seating areas for a nice, cool dining room. This is why it is important to air-condition your restaurant, as this is a key selection factor for many diners during the summer months. By having a decent cooling system in place, both your staff and your customers will be more comfortable.

Summer Deals

Everyone loves a good deal, but there’s no time that customers are more attracted to them than in the blazing heat. Try offering deals like 2-for-1 on light dishes like salads, or give promotions on summer drinks like Pimm’s or Aperol Spritz. This is sure to draw the punters in and see your restaurant full to the rafters throughout the hotter days.

Dress Up Your Outdoor Space

Often, simply having an outdoor space is not enough in order to compete with neighbouring restaurants. There are some simple touches you can add to ensure that yours stands out from the rest. Potted green plants and flowers give added appeal to any space, as do fairy lights, and each of these are relatively cheap and easy additions. You may wish to create smoking and non-smoking outdoor spaces, too, so that customers can enjoy a breath of fresh air if they want to. Attractive furniture with comfy cushions is another great draw for customers.

Don’t let summer kill your business’s profitability. By making investments to summer-proof your restaurant, you can guarantee success well into the warmer months.

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