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Make Your Dining Room Table a Signature Piece

A dining room is more than a place to eat dinner with family, it’s also where you invite guests into your home to entertain. That’s why a dining table needs to be strong, well-crafted, and a great investment. To make the most of your big redecoration, follow these tips and be sure to impress your friends and family the next time you invite them over for dinner.

Look for a Wood Dining Table Hand Crafted to Your Taste

Dining tables can be made with all types of material, including glass, metal, and even marble, however, solid wood is sturdier than glass but lighter than metal and marble. It’s easier to maintain and move than the alternatives, but above all, it lasts for generations, and with the help of a professional, it can always be refinished and restored it to its former glory. Popular material options for a new dining room table from Woodcraft, a Toronto-based company that delivers across North America, include:

Photo by Mahoney Architects & InteriorsLook for contemporary dining room design inspiration

Hardwood options like maple and oak are great for those who don’t want to worry about dents or scratches, while pine is more susceptible to damage. Each has a distinct look: oak shows it ring pattern quite clearly and acutely; pine is mottled here and there by naturally-formed knots; maple gives the impression of orderly lines; wormy maple is marbled with darkly coloured veins. You can also choose your cut to give it a unique texture, such as a rustic rough sawn look.

Photo by Angela FlournoyLook for transitional dining room design inspiration

Give Your Current Table a Fresh Look

Maybe you have an antique wooden dining table already; instead of buying a new one, you can always refinish your current one. Be careful: you only want to get an experienced craftsperson to refinish your precious antiques and heirlooms. The craftspeople at Woodcraft, for example, understand how to bring back a faded or gouged heirloom either to its original beauty or with an updated look.

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Make It a Signature Piece in Your Home

When you’re picking out the new centrepiece to your dining room, think about how you want to make it a focal point. Also keep in mind the size and shape of the space; if the area has square dimensions, a round surface will fit well and be visually appealing. You can also use a versatile lighting system to set the mood, either creating an illusion of size or a more intimate atmosphere. This purchase is going to have a significant impact on how you use your home, as it is a multipurpose piece of furniture where you and your family eat, craft, study, work, and entertain.

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Shop from a Custom Furniture Company

Consider the company: you don’t want a pack-and-go table from a big box store, you want something made with superior quality and made to fit your home. You may also want to look for a company like Woodcraft which offers “White Glove Delivery” to your home—no matter where you live, even up to cottage country. For a purchase like this, make it count and get something that will keep you satisfied for years.

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