How to Make College Dorm Feel like Home

For many students, the dorm room represents a second or a third home. For these kind of students, one always knows they will definitely be in their room if they are not in class. If you are in this category, it is essential you organize your room and that you make a comfortable place. A dorm room should always be clean and well-kept if you are to enjoy your stay there. At all times, the room should be organized and everything placed where it is supposed to be. If, for example, you are the kind who prefers to study in your dorm room, remember to always keep your room tidy and well-ventilated. Studying in a tidy place is one way of ensuring or minimizing distractions because your mind will be able to focus on your studies alone.

Making your college dorm room feel like home is not an easy feat. It requires a high level of discipline and commitment. One has to simply make the decision to always keep and leave their room tidy. While making the decision is quite easy, the next phase which now calls for consistency is quite difficult and it is often easy to give up on this stage. However, one ought to know where and how they can start to organize their room. If you are in such a phase, do not worry or give up. Below are some dorm room hacks from team of Essay Zoo to help learn how to make your dorm room awesome:

Make use of the little and circular cork boards. People with an abundance of space would prefer large cork boards but since a college dorm room is not big enough, these small and circular ones will indeed be your perfect choice. These circular ones are not only stylish but will also gift your room a home-like appeal.

Increase space in your dorm room by storing or keeping your shoes in the skirt of your bed. If you have many shoes and they seem to take much of your floor-space, do not feel stressed. Simply start using your bed skirt as a storage for your many shoes and choose to discard or give away the ones you do not wear. This way, you will increase your dorm room space.

Use an ice cube tray as the storage space for your rings. Some people do not know or even care where they place the little things like rings and chains. The result is that these end up getting lost or misplaced in the room. If you are one of the people who does not keep track of their chains and rings, start making use of your ice cube tray as a storage spot for such things.

Instead of buying a table, turn a metal waste paper basket into your bed side table. Buying a table could be expensive and this can also end up eating up more of your limited space. Therefore, instead of throwing away your metallic waste paper basket, spray paint whichever color you prefer and then use it as your bedside table.

Use the cheap washi tape to make your poster collection more cohesive and uniform. Making your college dorm room feel like home mainly encompasses easy steps and processes. Using washi tapes is indeed one of the easiest ways you can make your room adopt a home-like feel. By tapping the outline of the posters, you can make them more appealing and help your room adopt a more home-like feel.

You can also use the washi tape to line the edges of your book shelves. You can also buy a washi tape and use it to make your bookshelves more appealing. The advantage with washi tapes is that you can get different designs and therefore, you can change them whenever you want.

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Bring your room to life by getting some potted plants. Potted plants will always help to make your room look lively. Am sure you have ever visited a room and you thought that room needs someone to inject life in it. If you are living in such a room, you do not need to think outside the box or to even consider doing crazy things. You can simply get yourself some potted plants and ensure the pots are colorful enough to lighten the mood in the house.

Floor cushions always present you with the opportunity to make your room livelier and to provide your visitors with additional seating. Whenever you have friends, am sure like most students you wish you had more seats and if you had the idea of getting new seats, you are sure they will not fit. However, here is a simple hack to help you have additional seating as well as to ensure you have a cozy place. You need to acquire floor cushions and not just any other floor cushions but colorful ones. The kind that will also help to bring your room to life.

For extra storage purposes you can place your mini-fridge atop a fridge cart. The truth is fridge carts are quite expensive especially for a student like you. However, if you are really in need of more storage space, you can invest in one or find a used one on eBay or craigslist. This will indeed prove useful and convenient.

Instead of throwing away empty cans, you can use them to store pens and any other material that could fit. Everyone, whether at home or at school has the tendency of throwing away used and empty cans and tins. However, you should always keep in mind that these could be used elsewhere especially if you are living in a college dorm. You can use such to store your pens and your toothbrush.

To brighten your room, make use of removable wallpapers. Wallpapers help to make a room colorful and lively. However, since you are not a permanent resident, make sure you are using the removable kind so as to avoid any fines that could be levied on your once you vacate the room.

Instead of having plain and boring storage boxes, you can customize them with paint or colorful stickers. Storage boxes can serve different purposes in your dorm room. They can be used to store your stuff and as well as be used as placeholders for your potted plants. However, this is not the greenlight to leave them in their natural and boring colors. Therefore, try and make them more colorful by spray painting them or even using stickers.

Shower caddies can also be useful and you can use one to store your school supplies. If you are having trouble with storing your school supplies, you can make use of the shower caddie. One shower caddy can hold a lot of your school supplies, therefore, do not trouble yourself but simply get one and have ample space to store your school supplies.

In conclusion, it is indeed possible to make your dorm room have that home-like feel. As already stated, you do not need to think much or outside the box but just employ some of the above methods and you will be fine.

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