Make Clean Yet Healthy Snacks Under Five Minutes

Most people consider snacking as just a simple exercise that involves mouth movement. For these people snacking can be a harmful ‘exercise’ simply because they snack out of their habit and not due to hunger. In the process they actually cross their daily calorie necessities.

  • If you snack just because the food is available or grab a snack out of your bedroom and are eating regular meals as well then snacking will do more harm than good and it will certainly not be healthy.
  • On the other hand if you skip snacks just because food is not available it will be equally harmful as well. Remember, a snack will fuel your body as well as your brain apart from keeping you healthy and help you stay as productive as you were in the morning.
  • Also, if you snack a lot after dinner it will cause disruptions in your body metabolism and cause health issues. You will suffer from sleep impairment, gain weight due to overeating, have elevated blood glucose and triglyceride, have increased cholesterol levels and suffer from several digestive disorders and symptoms such as reflux.
  • Kid and teens on the other hand needs to snack even more especially after school activities or games. This will help them to focus better on homework, sports and even music lessons.

Therefore, snacking on the right time and having the right food is essential for your health. Especially for the kids, you will need to keep arrangements for portable and nonperishable food items.

Have a plan

Snacks are essential part of your day and therefore you will need to care for the quantity, quality as well as the frequency of snacking to make it work for you and for your health. However, you need not order for healthy snacks delivery at home whenever you or your kids are hungry. There are several clean snack items that require minimal preparation and effort and are as healthy as possible.

  • These healthy snacks ideas will help you to maintain your weight or lose it if you want and even reboot your lifestyle. Apart from all the health benefits these snacks will also help you to prevent the raging hunger and as a result prevent you from overeating.
  • These snacking ideas will also be easy to make for a busy person and not pose any challenge. It will prevent them from eating anything when low grumble strikes not being concerned about the healthy or unhealthy aspect of that food.

All you need to have a proper plan to beat that “I am starving because there is nothing healthy to eat” conundrum. Make sure that you include all the necessary ingredients in your shopping list so as to ensure that you have everything you require in hand when hunger strikes to make a quick snack between meals not having to worry about protein, fiber, minerals and other nutritional goodness.

Clean snack ideas

Here is a list of a few healthy snack items that you, and sometimes even your kid, can make at home.

  • Almond butter and banana sandwiches: If you want itty-bitty bites then this combination will offer you energy and fill you as well. The almond butter is healthy for the heart and bananas are full of potassium to provide you with instant energy.

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  • Whole grain pita chips: Your entire family can enjoy this healthy food option during snack time. Just season and slice the whole wheat pita rounds to make this no hassle and clean snack.
  • Chocolate coconut almond balls: If you want to have any no-bake treat then this will just take a couple of minutes to make and lots of energy to regain.

  • Skinny peanut butter yogurt dip: There are just two ingredients in it and it takes just two minutes to make. What you get in return is snack goodness that you can enjoy with your family with your favorite fruit such as a fresh apple.
  • Lemon lime popsicles: This is extremely refreshing and all you have to do is simply whisk the ingredients in just a few minutes. This is delicious, healthy and clean snack but remember to consider the freezing time that will take about four hours.

  • Plain nonfat Greek yogurt topped with fresh berries: Nothing can be as quick and clean as this snack. It is low in fat and high in antioxidant properties in the berries.

  • Smoothie: Homemade or purchased, smoothie can be the best possible source for hydration and nutrition combined. Simply freeze the berries and banana beforehand and blend them, in no time. You may even include pomegranate juice and green tea in it if you are caring for that growing fat around your belly.
  • Hard-boiled egg: Small as it may look, this grab and go snack is rich in protein that you can take later in the day.

  • Three seed berry parfait: This is another cleanest snack option that will offer you with lots of antioxidants, protein plus low-fat dairy that will provide the desired fuel to your body.
  • Strawberry sunrise smoothie: The name does not imply that you will need to have it at sunrise. It is due to the ingredient of this clean and easy to make snack that includes frozen mangos and strawberries. This super delicious smoothie will power you with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

  • Celery sticks and clean eating peanut butter: This snack is ideally a kids’ classic. It is also the smartest way to make your kid snack. However, you too can have it regardless of your age and get the desired fiber and protein from such healthy eating.
  • Pretzel stack: Smaller in name but bigger in nutrient this no fuss snack can be made even by kids or help you make it. A bonus!

  • Almond protein smoothie: This healthy drink offers both natural appetite suppressants.
  • Low-fat chocolate milk: Needless to say, this clean and healthy snack includes protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and what not.

Want more? Well, try out turkey roll-ups, avocado pear smoothie, walnut halves and red grapes, peanut butter, fresh raspberries on toast, avocado breakfast toast, chunky peanut butter and banana sandwich.

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