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How to Make a Child-Friendly Play Area

When you have extra space in your apartment or house, consider converting that empty room into a play area for your children instead of keeping their toys in the bedroom. The idea behind separating them from their play is that it keeps the mess to a bare minimum, as they are taught the importance of keeping their area clean after every activity and that there are a time and place for everything.

Here are the steps you can take to make an entertaining play area for your children:

Section off the room according to activities

Besides giving the activity a separate room, divide that further according to the activities they want to do. Have a place for their toys like building blocks and dolls. Put the reading area far away from the toys, near a window for natural light and a bookshelf. You can also have a table in a corner or the middle of the room for art and craft related activities. Keep any balls and gear for outdoor sports in a place they cannot reach or in a different room altogether so that they will not be tempted to use them. Playing with footballs and bats indoors can cause way more harm than good.

Creating a clear space for the activities means that they have a degree of independence. They do not have to ask about where their toys or materials are, because they know the designated space.

Make renovations according to the sections

If your play area also covers arts and crafts, keeping the carpet may not be the best idea so switch to waterproof flooring for an easy-clean option. If their play area has instruments which they can play or has toyed with loud sounds, you could soundproof the room to avoid disturbing the neighbours. You could also invest in a baby monitor to keep watch when you are not in the room with them, just in case.

Baby-proof the area

If you are making use of existing furniture that was not bought with children in mind. Cover all sharp edges and bolt all furniture to the floor. Even when you are present in the room, the furniture can still pose a threat to your child, after all, no one is aware of everything. When they crawl, push and pull, they might topple the furniture or injure themselves. You can also create a playpen if the room is on the second floor, to prevent them from falling down the staircase.

Make the space fun and whimsical

All that is left to do is to decorate the space. Murals or bright patterned wallpaper are popular choices because of how they stimulate children. Animals, flowers, and other nature scenes can add a touch of whimsy to the play area and you can add decals on the ceiling or have hanging toys. You can also have a music player with songs that could help entertain them while they play.

Keep it bright, keep it fun—but most importantly, keep it safe.

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