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How to Make the Best Room for Your Newborn Baby

When you start thinking about the nursery, you’ll realize you need to (well, it’s more like want to) invest in all kinds of weird products. You didn’t even know that some of them existed. You’ll have tons of decisions to make. It’s a fun process, but if you dive into it unprepared, the nursery may end up looking like a huge pile of clutter. We don’t want that.

We want a comfy, spacious nursery that has everything the baby needs, but is not overwhelming. This is going to be the baby’s kingdom. It’s their first encounter with the home, and it has to be truly special. Since all parents-to-be are after some answers regarding the nursery, we decided to give you the most important tips regarding equipment and decorations.

Place the Most Needed Items Near the Changing Table

Yes; you absolutely need a changing table. There are some great designs out there! A changing table with drawers works perfectly, since you can store diapers, changing table covers, wipes, and other stuff in there. If you prefer a design without drawers, you can store all those things in small baskets that will be right within your reach. If you’re not smart with the way you arrange things around the changing table, you’ll find yourself carrying everything back and forth in the middle of the night. Now that would be a disaster.

Choose Washable Wallpaper

Nursery wallpapers are so cute, aren’t they? The room looks quite ordinary at first. You install wallpaper, and suddenly everything changes.  But wallpapers can get dusty. Since you want everything clean, you should definitely get washable wallpaper. It’s not just about dust. When the first pee spray hits the wall, you’ll understand why.

Speaking of wallpapers, there’s a custom design option, too. If you don’t want a generic nursery that you’d rip off a photo, then the wallpaper is a great way to make it really special. Just pick a lovely image that’s appropriate for a baby’s room, and accompany it with a great quote. In case you need help with the selection of the photo and the wallpaper design, you can rely on writers and graphic designers that offer assignment help. They take your instructions and deliver awesome design by the deadline you set.

Work on the Lighting

Babies are not afraid of the dark… parents are! You believe that your baby would be terrified of the dark, so you decide to lighten up the room even during nighttime. That’s a mistake. Yes; lights are an absolute necessity, but they shouldn’t be too bright. A bright overhead light would only keep your baby awake.

All you need to do is install a dimmer switch and replace the light bulbs. Oh; and get plenty of natural light in the room! Sunshine makes the room brighter and happier.

Choose a Comfortable Crib

When it comes to the crib, you’ll mostly consider the design. Naturally, you want the most beautiful design for the nursery. However, you must always consider comfort as the priority. Fortunately, there’s a way to get both comfort and beautiful design!

If you can, buy a new crib. If you opt for a used crib, then make sure it’s a recent model. That’s important, since the safety standards are constantly getting advanced. The mattress should be firm, and it must fit tightly against the frame of the crib. When you have few safe cribs to choose from, you can pick the one with the nicest design.

Think of Yourself, Too!

The nursery should be comfortable for you, too. You’ll be there to soothe and nurse the baby. If you have a special, comfortable corner for that, you won’t have to take the baby from one room to another in the middle of the night.  Just get a comfortable recliner or even a glider. This is something that you can get from a second-hand shop.

Everything Should Fit into a Theme

What’s your theme? This is the fun part, so don’t try to avoid it! Without a special theme, the nursery would look plain and unimpressive. You don’t have to complicate things. A color can be a theme, too. If you want to make it more interesting, you can go for a marine theme, elephants, giraffes, dolls, birds… anything you really love. Prepare the nursery well before the baby arrives. This will be their first contact with the world outside the hospital, so you gotta make it special!

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