How to Maintain your Air Conditioner at Home?

There are 2 separate components for central air conditioners: the evaporator and the condenser. The condenser unit is generally placed on a concrete slab outside the house. The evaporator coil is placed in main duct over the furnace.

  • Most of the air conditioners are linked to the forced-air distribution system of your home. Along with the blower, the ductwork and the motor, it is also important to check the fins and the body of the air conditioner, and in this connection, you must hire the professional cleaning experts to take care of your air conditioning system.
  • When your air conditioning system keeps on working, the hot air prevailing inside the house flows through the return-air duct to the furnace.
  • The hot air gets moved through the cooled coil of the evaporator by the blower and then will be delivered to the house through the ducts. If at all, the house does not get cold when the air conditioner works, the problem generally remains in the distribution system.

Sealing the condensers and the evaporators:

Both the condenser and the evaporator will be sealed, hence, for most of the maintenance and the air conditioner repairs it is better to call the professional service person and get the best air conditioner repair service.

  • Before the cooling season, it is always advised to inspect the unit and get it serviced by the professionals.
  • Even though you can’t do many repairs yourself, there are few maintenance procedures which you could follow to keep the air conditioner operating efficiently. But the machine must be switched off, and the warranty period must be checked, before you call company agents to come and clean your air conditioning system.

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Doing the repair of air conditioner at home

Before you do any work or checking on the unit, first you have to open up the electrical box which is found near the condensing unit. Then you have to pull out the disconnect block.  Check if the power is completely off.  If you are receiving no cold air or very little air, then you need to first check few things.  First you have to clean the furnace. Then you have to check if the condenser’s coil is clean. If you find the filter is clogged, and then the decreased airflow will result in forming of ice in the evaporator coil, this will end up in stopping the cooling of the house.

  • If the filter is changed and still not receiving the airflow, then you need to deice the A-coil. To do this air conditioner repair, you have to first switch the thermostat mode from ‘cooling’ to the ‘off’ mode and then you have to change the fan switch from ‘auto’ mode to ‘on’.
  • Allow the blower to run for at least half an hour or until there is enough airflow. Now you have to turn the air conditioner on. If it operates for 12 hours continuously, then the problem is solved.
  • If at all you find the coil of condenser clogged, then the compressor will get overheated and gets shut down. Then you will experience minimum cooling initially and later on the cooling will stop completely.
  • The furnace circuit breaker and A/C should be turned to ‘off’ position. Next, switch off the power at the air handler or at the furnace. Then pull out the disconnect block and clean the coil of the condenser.

If still you are not able to get the air conditioner working, check if any part of the system needs replacement. It is always advised to buy and install the damaged parts right away, particularly if your air conditioner is older than 5 years. The cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioner depends on the type of unit that you have, the number of years it has been working for, and how you generally keep the system at home.

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