Luxury Bathroom Renovations Ideas That Give an Expensive Look & Feel

If you are reconstructing your bathroom to give it a new look and feel, why not go luxurious this time? Sure, it takes your time and budget but it also dramatically increases your house value. And the best part, you can indulge in your bathroom, enjoying the stunning ambience, warm lightings, expensive vanities, and plush flooring. You can instantly relax in the bubbly bathtub, releasing tension from all your muscles.

So, how can make your bathroom more luxurious? We have collected here the ideas that give a complete makeover to your typical bathroom. Next time when you are renovating the bathroom, try out any one of the ideas below:

Hammock style bathtub

Don’t go for typical bathtub shapes like oval, round, or square. Choose both a unique and functional style bathtub like hammock style. You can enjoy the look and feel, and it looks fabulous in your bathroom.

Photo by Studio Milne

If you don’t prefer the hammock style, then go for any intricate designs on the outer surface of your bathtub. It not only stands as a masterpiece in your private but also increases your home value.

Place two or more grandeur mirrors

Cover the entire wall with a large mirror, or place two or more small mirrors to give your bathroom more lightning and more dramatic look. Or place a mirror over your vanities. We have different types of bathroom vanities (both cheap and expensive) and select a mirror according to the vanity you have chosen.

Photo by Legacy Custom Homes

For example, if you have two vanities, place a single large mirror or two small mirrors. Or else place a grandeur mirror that has an intricate framework. And you can install a backlit mirror that gives a modern and stylish look to your bathroom. It certainly gives the expensive look you want in your bathrooms.

Don’t go low on your bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities are the best furniture to give a statement look to your bathroom. While renovating your private area, choose a vanity that draws attraction and attention.

Photo by GLYNNdesignbuild

Depending on the frequency of use, you can choose a small or large vanity. To add some greenery, you can place a bonsai plant that hints luxury. Or place some candles or metallic décor to add colour and alluring look to your bathroom.

Photo by Coda Construction LLC

To add a homeliness and classy look, you can install stylish faucets like a long tube, sensor-working taps, etc. They do the trick in giving your bathroom an expensive feel.

Bring nature into your bath space

How many of you like to have a hint of greenery in your bath area? If yes, then adding tall plants at any of the two corners in your bathroom will give a grandeur look. Or else you can construct a vertical wall with small potted plants overlooking your bathtub.

Photo by cicchettieviscardi

If you have a bathroom overlooking your private garden, then opt for a complete glass wall. It allows you to enjoy the greenery while the entire time you are relaxing your body in the bathtub.

Choose a unique and bright marble

Make a statement in your bathroom by matching your flooring, tiles, countertops with trendy marble colours like brown, pink, rosewood, etc.

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Photo by Bill Fry Construction

Shades like these don’t overwhelm your space and give a calm, cosy feeling. Moreover, you can make the bathroom seductive by adding candles and warm lights around your bathtub area. It will become your perfect spot to unwind after a long, tiring day.

Install a sunken bath for a pool feel

Instead of climbing up, climb down into your tub by installing a sunken bath.It gives you a feeling as if you are stepping into a pool rather than a tub. Accessorise the surrounding area with your favourite lotions, soaps, creams, scented oils, and candles to give you a luxurious bath feel.

Photo by Flavin Architects

To more it more stylish, add lighting around the bath area that illuminates whenever you step near to it. Now only you can recognise it during night times but also gives your bathroom an expensive feel.

Minimalistic yet expensive look with copper fixtures

Copper is a colour that resembles the vintage and royal look. If you want to give a unique theme to your bathroom, choose copper fixtures. It not only turns your bathroom luxurious but also looks trendy and gives a statement.

Photo by Artesano Copper Sinks

Install a waterfall faucet

The waterfall faucet is a tap but with water streaming down in the form of a waterfall. Install it near any bathroom vanity and see how it turns your normal bathroom into a trendy, stylish, and luxurious one.

Photo by Lucy Johnson Interior Design

If you like waterfall faucet, pair it with a wide horizontal vanity so that the water streaming is not going outside. You can choose any vanity but it looks especially luxurious and modern with glass textures. So, next time when you are a faucet, don’t hesitate to try this model.

Luxury lighting for a luxurious bathroom

The whole ambience of the bathroom changes when you install the right kind of lighting. If you want a warm, royal look, install several golden or yellowish lights across the bathroom. If you want a bright-lit bathroom, go for the white lights that can hang from the ceiling.

Photo by 41 West

Installing lighting at the right places also makes a difference. Don’t forget the highlight the places like vanities, bathtubs, etc. to make your bathroom luxurious. Install small LED bulbs around the bathroom area that not looks spectacular but gives you protection at night times.

His ‘n’ Hers bathroom style

Why only a single bathtub or vanity? Why not go for double items? If you have a large bath space, go for installing two bathtubs that resemble His n her bathroom style. It’s luxurious, functional, and adds extra space for a couple bathing.

Photo by Sarah Susanka, FAIA

Final Word

There are some important things to consider during home renovations, and re-doing your bathroom must be on the top of your list. If you want to have a lavish bathroom, you don’t have to think that you need to spend a huge amount of money. Slightly increasing your budget will give you a space that’s not only luxurious but suited to your taste as well. You can consider the above-mentioned ideas to enjoy bathing in an expensive-looking bathroom.

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