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Low Maintenance Home: 4 Ways to Add Hardscaping for Less Yardwork

Whether you’ve been mowing the same lawn for years or are moving into a new space that needs some landscaping, the addition of hardscaping can reduce your yardwork chores, beautify your lawn and add definition to your whole home.

Choose Your Material

Deciding on whether to add stone, brick or wood hardscaping features to your home may be a tough decision. Depending on what your home is constructed of, you may want to add a bit of contrast. For example, if your house is wood, a brick walkway or flagstone patio may be just the material contrast you need.

By that same token, if you home is built of brick, a wood gazebo could provide a softer touch to your yard and even increase your shade. An iron fence could also provide an eye-catching feature to your home.

Increase Security with Hardscaping

If you’re concerned about security, consider putting hardscaping to work for safety as well as beauty. A metal fence or stone retaining wall could add definition to your hard and reduce the amount of foot traffic you need to contend with.

Hardscape for Connection

Another excellent option for a hardscaping project is to join your house to other features of your yard. For example, if you have a pool in the backyard, consider adding a stone or brick patio with a pergola to provide shade. This will not only turn your back yard into an excellent spot for entertaining, but you will spend less time fishing grass clippings out of the pool.

Work With an Expert

Consider hiring an engineer to discuss your hardscaping goals to make sure that you’re providing your home with the best protection possible. For example, this would be a great time to address any grading issues your home may have so you can enjoy a beautiful patio and direct runoff away from your foundation. Additionally, make sure your building supplies come from a reputable, reliable source that you can rely on for additional products and suggestions. If the back patio works out well, you may need a front walk next year!

The addition of hardscaping projects offer homeowners the chance to greatly improve the look of their home on a permanent basis. Add color, texture and pattern to your yard with unique and striking hardscape features to welcome in friends and family.

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