How To Turn Your Love of Traveling The World Into Your Full-Time Career

Everyone dreams of a life of adventure – it’s a natural desire, people are not made to be stuck in some office. Still, most of us fear the change and the challenge, some even spend the life believing that there is no possible way to make your passions, and what you love to do a reality.

Those of us who are courageous and willing to try a life less ordinary live to tell the stories of their success and their wonderful life. This is why nowadays we know that turning your love for travel can bring you a substantial income.

We can see lots of examples of travellers and read their stories which are inspiring and tell us that our dream can come true. Here are some ways you can make money and turn your love of traveling into your full-time career.

Become a freelancer

Freelancing is an excellent opportunity for anyone who doesn’t want to be confined to an office space. All it takes is a little courage and some creativity. First, think about what your best skills are – something that might help someone and that could get you paid. Maybe you’re a content writer, programmer, website developer, data-analyst, etc. You can set up your own freelancing website or join one of the many freelancing platforms.

The latter might be a better option if you are still new to the world of freelancing. Some of the websites that you should definitely look at are Upwork, Uk Writings and People per hour– with a proper client you could work from anywhere in the world. Also, you should have a portfolio of your work to prove that you can do your job better than your competitors.

Become a tutor in a distant destination

While freelancing could give you the option of constant traveling, tutoring the English language or other subjects in distant destinations can give you a chance of staying in one place for a longer time. There are many options to visit developing countries to help teach children – destinations are mostly in developing areas but culturally rich and interesting.

While this is a great opportunity for a payment that would be similar to payment in your current place of living, keep in mind that you would have to stay in that place for at least a year – so if you are more interested in transiting a lot from one place to another, this might not be a good idea for you.

Charlie Mendes, a traveling tutor from Big Assignments, confirms, “Tutoring these children and even adults sometimes has given me a great new perspective on life. It freed me from the shackles of an ordinary life and gave me a chance to see the world. This is the best job opportunity I’ve ever had.”

Sell your writing and photos

If you are a journalist or an aspiring writer with great travel stories to tell then you have all chances to write for travel magazines worldwide or simply sell your stories and articles. This is a great opportunity if you want to write and not be tied to just one employer or project. At start, you can sell your writings on resources such as Paper Fellows or Australian Help, for example, and then expand your base.

Travel photography is another great option for all of the travel lovers. With some proper equipment, any photographer with an eye for beautiful images can do this.

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If you are sure that you could take some amazing pictures, there are websites where you could sell them, at Shutterstock for example, and you could advance from there, finding your own clients and projects.

Become a travel writer

A lot of companies search for travel writers to give them excellent travel stories. This is usually paid per article or per project and the traveling fees are paid. If this is something that you would like to do, keep in mind that you would have to do some other writing jobs as well, to support a better lifestyle.

Some travel websites or travel companies such as National Geographic Traveler or Best travel writing, for example, offer payments up to $1000 per article, which can be interested for their readers and clients.

Start a travel blog

Also, you can create your own travel blog to share your experience, tips and useful information. If you are a creative and entrepreneurial type, starting a blog will be easy. You could create a wonderful blog in five minutes and start posting your stories. This is an amazing idea if you have already traveled in the past or if you have some insight into traveling business.

Create fun and interesting posts to attract an audience and learn a thing or two about SEO to optimize your search engine position. You have to use keywords and unique photos and content on your travel blog.

That’s why it is crucial to use plagiarism checkers available online such as Copyscape and Academized to be sure that you create unique content which Google rank higher. It will give you the chance to attract more audience to your blog and than earn money by writing reviews on hotels, airlines, travel products.

Work on a cruise ship

Cruise ships offer great opportunities for everyone who is interested in traveling and working at the same time. Job positions like a bartender, entertainer, waiter etc. are always available and you’ll get to see many fun and popular places. You can look for jobs on websites like Indeed, for example.

Tina McLaren, a traveler and a founder of Elite Assignment Help, says, “Working on a cruise ship has brought me so many good things in life. I always wanted to travel and when I found out that I could travel and make money too, I was ecstatic. I’ve seen so many amazing places, met amazing people who helped me with my business and I would recommend working on cruise ships to anyone.”


Achieving your dreams is not impossible. Opportunities for people with adventurous spirit are growing, allowing them more freedom. You could choose to go wherever you want and still make money – all you need is a little creativity and skills that you can utilize.

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