Love the Traditional Style? How to Incorporate It Into Your Home Design

Despite the world’s advancements in technology, many homeowners all over the world are still stuck in the past. Vintage home designs and décor inspired by traditional architecture are becoming more and more popular. As a result, many people are opting to add these timeless and classy elements to their homes during renovations. Here are a few popular traditional design trends that keep showing their faces today.

Incorporating Dark, Bold Hues

Rich and dark colors are some of the most common aspects of traditional home design. Typically, such homes have neutral colors on the walls to ensure that the dark-hued rugs, carpets, and drapes can attract even more attention. Examples of these rich colors are brown, red, green, and yellow.

Photo by Smith Carpet & Tile Center

Imperial, Mission-Style Furniture

Another important element of traditional home design is regal, state-of-the-art furniture that is designed to achieve great aesthetics. This furniture is typically crafted from hardwood and is strong and durable. Built with elegant curves and unique designs, vintage furniture is incredibly appealing, and will create a classy, traditional texture in your home.

Photo by Sandi Lanigan Interiors

Engineered Hardwood Floors

The most common component of a traditional style home is glossy hardwood floors. Thanks to advancements in technology, hardwood floors can now be installed in wet rooms like the bathroom, giving your entire home a uniform, classic look. Engineered oak flooring also works perfectly with radiant heating, and will be compatible with your hydronic heating system. Having such a floor put in your house will give it a traditional and classy look.

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Photo by Glendale Tile Company

Unique, Elegant Lighting Fixtures

While most modern design templates feature simple and minimalist features, traditional home design couldn’t be more different. The average traditional home had incredibly striking lighting fixtures, among them chandeliers and antique lamp holders. These fixtures go a long way in giving your home an elegant, vintage-inspired look.

Photo by L K DeFrances & Associates

Think Symmetry

One of the more common aspects of traditional home design is that it relied on symmetry. In traditional décor, everything goes in twos. By placing out a matching pair of each item, you will create a balance in each and every room. Ideally, everything in the room is arranged around artwork, a fireplace, or other important central points.

Photo by Promenade Design + Build

Thinking of Going Vintage during Your next Renovation?

By mixing dark, rich colors with ornate lighting fixtures and sturdy mission-style furniture will greatly improve your home’s aesthetics. Engineered hardwood floors are also very elegant, and will give your home a classy, traditional texture. Traditional décor is incredibly appealing and bold and will create an interesting and unique theme in your home.

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