Lounge Art : Designer Rugs As Wall Hangings

A unique way to add colour and depth to any room, rug wall hangings have been an interior design trend since the 14th century when textiles were the epitome of sophistication and high class. Today, rugs continue to be great statement pieces for your home, with modern, designer rugs offering a breadth of styles for home or wall. London rugs designer, Bazaar Velvet say that the artistic quality in the craftsmanship of their handmade rugs makes them wall worthy pieces of art. Looking at a few examples of their pieces, we find there are a number of ways to use rugs as wall hangings in your home.

An accent wall in your lounge

A neutral toned wall is a great way to give yourself a blank canvas for interior decorating. In a lounge setting, an atmosphere of relaxation, reflection and simplicity are preferred. If you want to create an accent wall without painting then a wall hanging is the way to go.

Modern Minimalist enthusiasts will find Bazaar Velvet’s Hidden Diamond Silver rug a great addition to their home. Using a simple and stunning geometric design, the rug will subtly stand out with it’s monochromatic silver and white tones.

The geometric pattern will also draw your eye and create a centre point to an open plan room. For example, a lounge-diner can be given separation by hanging the rug opposite seating in the middle of the room.

Swap paintings of flowers for floral rugs

The Candy Petal rug is a vibrant and delicious example of wall art. It suits being used as a wall hanging through its floral subject, with it’s candy pink and buttercup yellow flowers almost popping out against muted gray stems.

Numerous artists have used flowers and floral arrangements as the subjects of their pieces, with many more displaying paintings in their homes. Adding a floral hanging rug to your home goes a step further with your wall decorating by using a textural piece.

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In any room a floral rug will stand out, but in particular in a communal room such as a lounge. The bright design, with flowering buds gives a hint of spring and nature to your room throughout the year.

Designer Rugs are art and should be displayed as such

While rugs, even designer and handcrafted rugs, are most often used as floor decorations. They warm feet underfoot, covering wood, stone or tiled floors with a softer layer. Yet, for the creators of these bespoke rugs, they are pieces of art.

Created by multi persons, each rug is creatively designed as any other art piece would. With more and more print like styles emerging, contemporary rugs are a very unique wall hanging and art piece.

The Handy Ivory rug is very much a statement piece of interior decorating. The many colours of the displayed hand each pop out from one another, contrasting yet fitting together perfectly. This rug is a statement art piece and will stand out in your home, drawing the attention of visitors.

Whether you choose to pair your lounge with a complementary pattern, bright floral design or statement print, your wall hanging will have aesthetic appeal and texture. Additionally, the rugs are extremely effective in terms of room acoustics and noise dampening, helping to keep the calm sense of relaxation in your lounge and home.

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