Looking For A Tropical-inspired Ceiling Fan? Check This Out!

Everyone’s home should be an oasis. For some, this means a quiet, cozy getaway with unassuming features and decor. Others prefer a more exotic approach. If you are looking for more of a seaside cabana or beach bungalow influence, you might be looking for a more than the usual brass and wood ceiling fan design.

While often overlooked in the design process, a ceiling fan can be a big investment toward achieving the perfect look in your home. There are a number of ceiling fan designs on the market that can help you invoke visions of island palm trees as well as other tropical ceiling fans which include:

Open canvas blades

Open canvas blades are reminiscent of sea sails on the ocean. Each blade has a canvas cloth tethered to a base. As the fan turns, the canvas catches the wind, pushing air throughout the room.

Island-inspired Medallions

The medallion of a fan is decor found at the base of the fan, usually covering the motor. Sun-shaped designs, tropical colors, or nautical themes can represent the tropics. Also- don’t forget coconuts, palm trees, shells, or other beach-inspired artistry!

Palm Wood

Palmwood is light with a fun grain to it. It is instantly recognizable and an immediate reminder of warm sand and cool water.

Lighting Options

Not all ceiling fans offer lighting and, maybe, your preference is for your fan to not include a light fixture. It’s important when installing a fan, however, to consider the lighting that will be left available in the room after the installation.

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Do you plan to soak up the natural rays in your tropical oasis? Perhaps you intend, instead, to use lamps. The question at hand, then is simple: Will lamps and natural light be enough?

If you are unsure, you might consider a ceiling fan design that does not feature a light, but will pair with a lighting kit later on if necessary. Ask your salesperson to help you with these options if you want to allow yourself the freedom to add ceiling-mounted lighting later in your renovation project.

If you have already decided that lighting will be a necessary part of your ceiling fan fixture, take a moment to look at the globe and bulb options available. Whether you prefer a brightly-lit room or a more romantic dim-aura, there are fixtures available to suit every need.


Look for the best motor for your money when purchasing a fan. The motor is the most important part of the fan and ultimately determines the length of your investment, so you will want to spring for top-dollar if the quality is at stake. Your tropical-inspired paradise is in need of a working fan to cool you off after a day in the sun, so don’t skimp on quality.

Blade Pitch

The pitch of a blade determines how much air the fan can move. Do you want your tropical theme to carry through the room in the form of a gentle island breeze? If so, you’ll need to know just how big of an area you need to cover. The higher the pitch, the greater the coverage. A small bedroom or office, for example, will likely not require a very large pitch blade. However, a large room devoted to entertaining may need a very high blade pitch. It’s a good idea to measure the space you will need to cover before you begin shopping.

Remember, a ceiling fan is a long-term investment not only in the aesthetic of your home, but also in energy savings and value. Buying the right ceiling fan should be more than an afterthought.

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